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September Empties

So it’s the last day of October and I guess I decided to write about all my empties at once! I really need to get back into the habit of doing these posts as the month progresses instead of all at the end, because of travel and other things that meant I never shared my September empties. Well here they finally are.

september empties 1

It’s a decent amount of empties for September, and it’s always fun when I finish some things I’ve been working on awhile. Because this is so late I’m going to try to not go into too much detail about the products in my September Empties, but if you want to know more just ask me 🙂 I’m once again using the star system for loved (***), liked (**), and disliked (*).

september empties 4

1. Secret– Outlast (Protecting Powder)

I really like these deodorants but this was my last one. Sadly (I say sadly because I can tell you, a month later, it’s not working for me!) I decided to test out more natural deodorants and said goodbye to Secret. However, I’m definitely thinking I will be returning to her… ***

2. Bask–Heavenly Silk Daily Skin Nourishing Moisturizer

Smells soapy and old-lady ish but absorbs quickly and well so I was overall happy with it but nothing I would feel any need to buy with the amount of lotion I already have. **

3. H20–Face Oasis (Hydrating Treatment)

I didn’t find this product as hydrating as I expected, but it had a nice slight cooling effect to it and I enjoyed using it. However they are quite pricey so I won’t be buying this. **

4. Ja Yeon Mapping Essence Mask (White Essence Mask) *

I just don’t think I’m a sheet mask person… but I still have plenty more to use up and test that out for sure. This one was okay, nothing special. *

5. & 6. Bath Party Fizzie Fun (x2)

These were mini bath bomb type products that I found on sale for a dollar each, they gave some bubbles and had a prize inside (a little picture) but after all the Lush goodies I’ve tried in October, these just pale by comparison, although they are a cheap way to make your bath a little more fun. I have a third one left to use then you’ll probably see a review. **

september empties 3

7. Bath and Body Works– Body Mist (Sensual Amber)

Does anyone find that BBW body mists will just never finish? I’m still shocked this one made it into my September empties. They’re not very long lasting and I’m definitely sick of this scent by now, which is too bad cause it’s great for winter and I used to love it. I need to stop buying such big bottles of things. I would maybe repurchase (or the perfume) when some time has passed. **

8. Aussie– Conditioner (Moist)

This really felt like the never-ending bottle of conditioner, especially because we finished the matching shampoo in July. So it’s nice to have this one out of the way as well. I like Aussie products, they smell nice and work well. This was a really creamy conditioner and although I am trying to go more natural with hair products, I could easily end up repurchasing this at some point. **

9. Bath and Body Works– Gentle Foaming Hand Soap (Papaya Melon Scoop)

Well this made it into my August Favourites so I’ve already raved about how much I love it. The scent is just so so good. I hope they bring it back next summer so I can grab it again. ***

10. Clean & Clear– Deep Action Cream Cleanser

I don’t even want to admit how old this cleanser was, but I figured it would still do it’s job fine. I can’t complain about it, it gave a nice cooling feeling, but I feel like I’m going to say for the 10th time in this post that it was nothing special. I need to get better at my skincare regime before I start blaming the cleanser though, so it’s hard to know if it helped with breakouts or not. **

11. Victoria’s Secret– Ultra-moisturizing hand and body cream (Love Spell)

This smelled amazing but I found it too greasy for me especially compared to the BBW triple moisture ones I usually use. However, I have so much of this scent that I am definitely not buying anymore anytime soon and once I finish the 203409382 products in it I have left I think I’ll be taking a break for awhile! **

september empties 5

12. ELF- 4 sided nail file

This doesn’t technically belong in September Empties but I’m throwing this out. It sucks. Save your money for 4 things, each of which does a single job properly, instead of this. *

13. Milani (Base Coat/Nail Grow)

I didn’t especially care for this basecoat and I felt like it got gloopy pretty early on in the bottle. I couldn’t deal with anymore and it was basically done, so out it goes. *

14. Rimmel– 60 Seconds (819 Green with Envy)

You can see my swatches of this polish here if you’d like, it’s a lovely shade of green but I have way too much polish so I won’t be rebuying this one!

15. Black Sheep Lacquer- Green Day

Tossing a full bottle of indie nail polish is just painful! Unfortunately there was a glitter malfunction (BSL warned me about it) and it just curls like mad so I just don’t see any use for this. Sad. I won’t be rebuying this polish, but I’ll definitely be picking up Black Sheep Lacquer creations again, so for that the brand gets ***

september empties 2

16. Bath and Body Works Bee + Wallflower Thing (cinnamon maybe)

This just stopped working and I still have a few of those bulbs to put in it but it’s just generally not effective at my apartment because it’s open concept and the living room is too big for it to work I guess. I like BBW but this I am definitely meh over. *

17. & 18. DAVIDsTEA– Red Velvet Cake and Prairie Berry

 Tea! These were both good, but neither of them blew me away enough to repurchase it. Maybe I’ll get a craving in the future but for now I have lots of other teas.

Well apparently my short reviews are just as long as always… guess I like to ramble. Anyway I know I’m a billion years late for September empties but hopefully you enjoyed this post. And how were your October empties? I’ll have mine up tomorrow, I swear! 🙂

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