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Sephora Haul

A little known secret about me is that I’m actually spending October on a Beauty No Buy. I’m not sure why I didn’t blog about it, but I’d say it had something to do with the fact that I was afraid I’d fail, be embarrassed, and then be deterred from doing it again. But so far it’s actually been a success, and I’m super proud of myself as I save my dollars for European goodies and discounted holidays sets. But here we have a Sephora Haul.

Sephora Haul 1

My Sephora Haul did happen before my No Buy, but I’ve had a crazy time lately and somehow this (and about a billion other things) haven’t been posted yet. These goodies were on an amazing sale, and I actually took advantage of a friend’s VIP Rouge free shipping so that I didn’t even convince myself I had to spend $75 for free shipping.

But anyway, my Sephora haul consisted of 2 Urban Decay palettes that were incredibly discounted and incredibly tempting. There were actually 4 on sale, but I manage to only get these two:

Sephora Haul 2

I picked up the Urban Decay Ammo Palette (on left) and the Urban Decay Feminine Palette (on right). The Ammo Palette alone now costs $40 on the Sephora website, however it’s clearly been updated and comes with a mini brush and mini primer potion although I’m sure the shadows are exactly the same. The Urban Decay Feminine Palette is no longer sale, however it was also about half price and with taxes both palettes came to just under $40. Not bad considering the Naked Palette alone is $62!

Sephora Haul 3

I’m really excited for the Urban Decay goodies I picked up in my Sephora haul because they are full of colours that I would wear, lots of shimmery neutral shades as well as some greens. I haven’t tested them out yet because I was trying to focus on an older palette I have first, and I honestly am still not used to wearing eye makeup regularly– although I want to start now that I have these guys! But I have heard only good things about the UD eyeshadow formula and I’m almost afraid it will ruin me for drugstore forever.

I also got a bunch of free goodies/samples with my Sephora Haul, including using a promo code to get a mini Sugar Lip Balm to try out.

Sephora Haul 4This is actually my first purchase from Sephora in ages. I just generally find their stuff expensive since I don’t buy much/any high end at the moment, plus the insane free shipping minimum ($75!) deters me quite well. But I was really excited to get this Sephora Haul and I have definitely gotten a bit of an appetite for it now! Sephora stores themselves are really stressful for me, but the online service is great, I love the sweet personalized note telling me to enjoy my Urban Decay goodies and bonus samples you can get like my great Sugar lip balm. This is dangerous!

What do you think of Urban Decay, Sephora, and Beauty No-Buys? How can I have all three of these things at once, because I want more…

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