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Sephora Haul (4)

Sephora Haul 4Well, I slacked on the blogging this weekend and I don’t have anymore posts pre-written so I was thinking I’d like something to share on a Monday morning and it might as well be a Sephora Haul! Because yes, I was a bit bad with the spending but I got three wonderful things and a few free goodies that were totally worthwhile.

Sephora Haul 3First up the freebies in the Sephora Haul, which includes foil samples from Fresh, Philosophy and Kat Von D. However, I was really impressed with the Kat Von D samples as it is two makeup remover wipes, super handy for travel. I also got a deluxe size sample of Buxom Dolly, which is a really pretty shade!

Sephora Haul 2My actual Sephora Haul consisted of three purchases, for my lips, eyes, and uhh, underarms. There’s the Too Faced Pretty Rebel palette which I had been lusting over for months and months and it was (very slightly) discounted at Sephora so I finally succumbed and bought it. It swatches amazingly, and you can expect a full review in about two weeks. My main reason for the order was actually the LaVanila The Healthy Deodorant in Lemon Vanilla, as I really wanted to try a more natural option and I only hear good things about this–and considering its price, they better be true! So far, I am enjoying it. I actually don’t love the scent quite as much as I thought I would, but it does a good job providing it’s not a super hot and sweaty day, and it doesn’t make me itchy or irritated like some natural deodorants do.

Sephora HaulThe final item in my Sephora Haul was my very first Tarte lipstick in the shade Playful, which was on sale (…notice a trend?) and I was nervous about the shade as it’s a really pretty pinky purple but I wasn’t sure if it would be too bright or obvious for me. When I tried it on, well I’m not sure yet if I consider it wearable. It is a very creamy formula though!

So those are all the goodies in my latest Sephora Haul. Actually, that’s a lie… I made another haul just a couple days after this and I will be sharing those soon as well. I am trying to wait a little longer when sharing my haul posts so I can give you a few first impressions as well, hope you enjoyed and that you have a good Monday!

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