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Sephora Haul (2)

So much Sephora lately! I think it’s safe to say I don’t need any more makeup (at least until I travel to Europe and have to pick up some products there…) Anyway this was several orders (and even two visits to the store) but it is a combined haul of everything I’ve picked up from Sephora since my Urban Decay eyeshadow haul (seen here).

Anyway I was planning to divide this up into multiple posts so it didn’t seem as ridiculous, but that didn’t happen, so here it is…

sephora haul 5I picked up the Give Me Some Lip Sephora Favorites lip sampler during the VIB 20% sale thanks to a generous code from a friend. I love lip products and I think this mini set has more colours that I would wear than the massive one did, even though I was tempted by it. I haven’t really tried out many of the products yet but you can expect to see reviews when I do. I also got 2 perfume samples to test out, cause apparently I don’t have enough of those…

sephora haul 6

sephora haul 7

The thing I wanted most during the VIB sale was actually this Superstars Sephora Favorites kit but of course it was sold out online when I went to place my order. I was really lucky that when I was visiting Montreal I met up with a friend who is a VIB Rouge at Sephora, and we stopped by the store and picked one up there with the 20% discount. Except obviously I used my savings to grab a Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Manic instead. I spent just enough to get 100 Sephora points, and I cashed those in for the mini Stila, which is actually a great colour and quite nice. This kit is an amazing value, even full price it’s worth many times what it costs, and when I took it home my twin sister loved it so much she ended up grabbing one as well. So far only tried a few things, but I really like the Nars lipstick and the scent of Flowerbomb.

sephora haul 4After all that VIB shopping I was supposed to be done with Sephora, but when I was at the mall, I went in with a friend, only to find the very last Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes in Halifax. Seriously. I was planning to buy this online but it sold out mid-order, so I ended up paying full price because even weeks later I still really wanted it. The purple and neutral shades are gorgeous for my hazel eyes and I am already loving it and getting a ton of use out of it. I had an end of October birthday, so this is obviously a late present, okay?

sephora haul 1 sephora haul 3sephora haul 2Finally, I placed a few Black Friday/Cyber Monday orders online and ended up with a ton more samples. I actually also got a Buxom Lip Crayon in Amsterdam and mini mascara that got shipped to a friend by accident, so it’s not pictured but I’m excited to get it over Christmas. I also grabbed a couple other $12 amazing deals, which were the Buxom Lip Crayon in Havana and the Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow Duo both of which had a value way beyond what I paid. Smashbox Soft Box is for a friend, but she doesn’t read my blog so I think I’m safe. She doesn’t own a single eyeshadow but I have peaked her interest, so I thought it was a nice small palette, 3 mattes and 3 shimmers, with neutral shades that will work for her law job. I have since seen swatches online and it looks so nice I’m sad I didn’t grab one for myself (but I don’t need it!)

The samples are awesome like always, I love ordering online from Sephora for that reason. The last photo is a Cyber Monday promo they had going on and between the mini Sugar and the mini mascara I think I got a decent bag. I also always do my orders using which is great because you get cash back–– right now it’s 8% (but I refuse to do another order…maybe!) Here’s my referral link if you haven’t signed up (use the email and I will be super grateful!)

Well then, that’s my ridiculous Sephora Haul. Let me know if you grabbed anything in any of the many promos and sales that have been going on, and if there’s anything you want pushed to the top of the review pile, I can definitely do that… in January!

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