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Sephora Collection Stocking Stuffers

Sephora Collection Stocking StuffersHonestly, if there’s one section that gets me every time I go into Sephora, it’s that section near the cash with all the adorable little things. Those are exactly the kinds of products I have in today’s post sharing Sephora Collection Stocking Stuffers, filled with 6 different suggestions of products under $35 that would make great little gifts this holiday season. If you don’t have a stocking to fill, I think any of these would make great affordable gifts for friends or family too!

Sephora Collection Hair Barrette Sephora Collection Hair Barrette 2First up is the Sephora Collection Hair Barrette ($11)*, available in three festive designs including Jingle and Mingle (rose gold arrow-­shaped hair pins), Winter Soiree (sculpted bow made of faux leather and rose gold metal), and Office Party (rose gold glitter bedazzled bar).

I think these barrettes are stunning, and as soon as they arrived I started wearing Jingle and Mingle. They all feel very sturdy, and although they are definitely decorative rather than for holding a ton of hair in place, I think the rose gold is gorgeous and I love all the designs for different occasions. I’m definitely wearing Office Party to my own office party this year! Oh, and the great news is that the glitter on it doesn’t shed.

Sephora Collection Kiss The Moon Ornament Gloss Sephora Collection Kiss The Moon Ornament Gloss 2This adorable Sephora Collection Kiss The Moon Ornament Gloss ($6)* is perfect for a Stocking Stuffer, or to hang on the tree as a surprise. There’s a glossy pink balm inside and the silver ball packaging is really cute.  I might have to stick it on my Hanukkah Bush this year, in case I need some emergency lip balm.

Sephora Collection Gift-­A-­Gloss Sephora Collection Gift-­A-­Gloss 2For a stocking stuffer you can share with your friends, there’s the Sephora Collection Gift-­A-­Gloss ($34)* set that includes 8 different individually wrapped shades. There’s a terrific range of colours, with a focus on the shimmery (5/8 shades) and each gloss is perfectly packaged so you can divide up the pie as separate gifts.

The glosses come in a squeeze tube and have a sweet scent. They are also non-sticky, with a creamy consistency that is very comfortable to wear. I tried out the shade Holiday Berry (the darkest one) and it provided a really gorgeous berry stain to the lips. I also tried out Soft Red (which is that bright red) and it was a sheer, rosy tint. Both shades had no shimmer and were really pretty. Whether you have 8 friends to share with, or you just want a massive boost to your own gloss collection, this is set is a great value for the holidays.

Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Holographic Lip Gels Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Holographic Lip Gels 2The Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Holographic Lip Gels ($18)* are sheer glosses loaded with shimmer available in four limited edition shades including Queen Bee, Pretty Princess and Fuchsia Mermaid. If somebody in your life loves shimmer, then you need to pick up one of these shades, because they are really reflective and gorgeous in person as they shift colour.

Sephora Collection Babushka Doll Trio Sponge Set 2 Sephora Collection Babushka Doll Trio Sponge SetI know I describe almost every product in this guide as adorable, but when it comes to the Sephora Collection Babushka Doll Trio Sponge Set ($23)* I really mean it. These are the classic Sephora sponges in three different sizes so you can easily apply makeup to any area of your face. I think the packaging on this one is great, and the product inside is really useful too, which means it would make a fantastic stocking stuffer.

Sephora Collection Super Kisses 2 Sephora Collection Super KissesThe final Sephora Collection Stocking Stuffer I have to share is the Sephora Collection Super Kisses ($23)*, a set of three lightly tinted egg-shaped balms. This set includes the permanent shades Cotton Candy (a light pink) and Soda Pop (purple), as well as the exclusive shade Berry Red. The shades are all scented appropriately–I love the fizzy Dr. Pepper scent of Soda Pop! Unfortunately, there is a light flavour to the balms as well.

In terms of application, the balms almost melt onto my lips and leave a glossy, sheer wash of colour. Soda Pop (clearly my favourite…) is a perfect berry stain. They aren’t long-wearing but they are so comfortable to wear.  You could easily gift the whole pack to one person, or divide it up among friends. They’re just so cute!

And that’s it for this year’s lineup of Sephora Collection Stocking Stuffers I have to share. I think there are a lot of great stocking stuffers available, including a ton of value sets to help you save if you have multiple stockings to fill. My personal favourites are the Hair Barettes, Sephora Collection Babushka Doll Trio Sponge Set and the Super Kisses trio.

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