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Sephora Collection Perfect Pink Brush Set

Sephora Collection Perfect Pink Brush Set 6I really loved the last Sephora Brush Set I tried (reviewed here) so I was excited to test out a brand new one featuring nine brushes for your entire face in a great travel bag, the Sephora Collection Perfect Pink Brush Set*.

Sephora Collection Perfect Pink Brush Set 5To start off with, the bag the Sephora Collection Perfect Pink Brush Set is contained within is really nice! It is a light pink colour with a quilted appearance, and a mesh zipped compartment that removes with velcro. It’s a great pocket for storing some makeup essentials, and in combination with the brushes, is perfect for travel. I also really like how the there is a fabric flap that can cover the brushes so that they don’t get makeup on everything else once you use them, especially handy if you don’t have time to wash them while traveling.

Sephora Collection Perfect Pink Brush Set 4However, while I really like the bag they come in, what really matters are the brushes inside the Sephora Collection Perfect Pink Brush Set. The plastic handles look cool but mean that they don’t weigh much–probably good for travel, but as a result, they feel less expensive. I’ll cover the brushes individually, but overall they don’t quite live up to the expectation set by the Gift of Beauty Brush Set I tried. I

Sephora Collection Perfect Pink Brush Set 3There are two larger face brushes in the Sephora Collection Perfect Pink Brush Set, starting with the Powder Brush, which is very soft and fluffy so it does a great job at applying a light layer of powder. However, as I said, I did get some shedding, although it does seem to have diminished with use.

I am less clear on the use of the Angled Blush Brush, which I find a bit frustrating in terms of how much product it picks up, and it’s definitely too fluffy for any kind of contour. I think it would be a good choice for a more pigmented blush, or for a highlight on the cheekbones.

The All Over Shadow Brush is also angled, but smaller (obviously) as well as denser so it does a better job picking up product. As the name says, it can be used to apply shadow all over the eye, but I actually like it for blending out shadow in the crease as well.

Finally, the Medium Shadow Brush is actually what I prefer for all over the eye, as it picks up a nice amount of shadow and I find the rounded brush best for applying it to the lid.

Sephora Collection Perfect Pink Brush SetI don’t do a lot of smokey eye looks, but if I did I think the Smudge Brush from the Sephora Collection Perfect Pink Brush Set would be handy to travel with, as it is a very short, dense brush that’s allows for a thick line of shadow, as well as smudging out any liner.

The Blending Brush is a great size and shape for blending out shadows, however I wish it were a little more dense so that it was more effective at it.

While the double-sided Brow Brush with a brush on one side and a comb on the other is definitely handy to have in a travel set, it isn’t anything special or unique itself.

I don’t often apply liner, but I actually used the Angled Liner Brush when applying eyeshadow to my lower lash line in my Mary Kay Limited Edition Midnight Jewels Collection FOTD and I found it did a really good job, as it was dense enough to pick up shadow, but not at all scratchy on my face.

The last brush is the Lip Brush and this was another one I found an unexpected use for when trying out the NYC Cityproof Lip Crayon in South Ferry Berry, which is a pretty pigmented shade. I thought it was a bit longer than I would have liked as it didn’t allow for quite as much control over the lip colour as I needed, given that I am definitely an amateur at applying bright shades.

Sephora Collection Perfect Pink Brush Set 2Overall, I did find more shedding and that the bristles weren’t quite as effective at picking up product as I expected, so while the Sephora Collection Perfect Pink Brush Set is a decent and travel-friendly package, it isn’t the best offered by the brand.

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