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Sephora Argan Hand Mask, Avocado Face Mask and Algae Eye Mask Reviews

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Sephora Collection Mask Reviews

I can’t believe July is almost over. It’s been such a mix of stress but also some really fun moments like my mom visiting (as well as a couple blogger buddies) but sometimes you just need to relax, watch 3 seasons of Gilmore Girls, and put on a mask (or three). For those moments, the Sephora Argan Hand Mask, Avocado Face Mask and Algae Eye Mask are perfect.

Sephora Collection Hand Mask Sephora Argan Hand MaskThe Sephora Argan Hand Mask was my first experience with a hand mask, but it’s a pretty clever idea. Basically they are gloves filled with a wonderful liquid and you leave your hands in them to soak for about 15 minutes and they emerge silky soft and moisturized. Seriously, my cuticles looked great. There are three Hand Masks available and while the Argan option targets for anti-aging and evenness, it’s hard to notice a 15 minute difference in that regards. However, using a treatment like this regularly is definitely going to leave your hands looking better, and more youthful, so I’m on board for that.

Sephora Collection Face Mask Sephora Avocado Face MaskThe most traditional mask of the trio is definitely the Sephora Avocado Face Mask. This is one of 8 sheet masks available and it specifically aims to nourish and repair by offering intense nutrition and relief for sensitive areas. Although I found the eye openings a bit small for me, it was a very soothing and relaxing scent and felt cooling on. Afterwards my skin was softer, smoother and just looked a little brighter.

Sephora Collection Eye Mask Sephora Algae Eye MaskI’ve been having a hard time sleeping lately so I was especially excited to try out the Sephora Algae Eye Mask. These eye masks are available in the same 8 options as the Face Mask, and the Algae one is for tonifying and detoxifying. While that’s definitely something I want on my face, I have less of an issue with needing to tone and eliminate impurities surround my eyes. The Eye Mask was very relaxing and soothing to use. I did find it helped my dark circles and puffiness a little, and the cooling effect was nice, but I’m not sure I noticed enough of a difference to not just go with the full Face Mask isntead.

Sephora Collection Argan Hand Mask, Avocado Face Mask and Algae Eye Mask ReviewsNo matter what kind of repair your eyes, face or hands need Sephora has a sheet mask for it and they are a lot of fun to use, and quite effective. I really enjoyed using all three of these but I was especially impressed by the results of the Sephora Collection Argan Hand Mask and if you are hard on your hands I recommend testing it out!

Do you use sheet masks? Have you ever tried a hand mask?

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