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Select Specs Infinity A6668 Glasses

These glasses were provided free of charge for my consideration.
Select Specs Infinity A6668 GlassesHere’s something I haven’t reviewed on Writing Whimsy before–glasses! Even though I cheat and don’t wear them in blog photos, I actually wear my glasses almost every day. I’m also a student, so it would be best if my glasses were stylish and affordable. That’s why I’ve made it a habit to order them online in the past, and I was really happy to try out my first pair from Select Specs, the Select Specs Infinity A6668 Glasses*.

Select Specs Infinity A6668 Glasses 2The Select Specs has a range of glasses for every price range, including discounted prices for designer frames and budget frames for only $13. The pair I selected are the Infinity A6668 Glasses which retail for $39.19 and include single vision lenses and coatings. If you have a stronger prescription like I do, you will want to upgrade to a thinner lens. I went with the Ultra Super Thin 1.67 Index, so that added on $53.25. The total cost is still under $100, and much more affordable than purchasing in store.

Select Specs Infinity A6668 Glasses 4Although Select Specs is a UK company, they ship budget items from Hong Kong to Canada/US. Designer frames are shipped from the UK. My Select Specs Infinity A6668 Glasses took over a month to arrive, but most of that was before they were shipped off. I am willing to wait a little longer for a good deal though, and I was very happy with the glasses when they arrived. They came in a hard plastic case, in a soft drawstring bag. I was a little surprised there was so cleaning cloth but I was thrilled as soon as I put the glasses on.

Select Specs Infinity A6668 Glasses 3I have the Select Specs Infinity A6668 Glasses in Black, but Brown and Dark Blue/Light Blue options are also available. These are black plastic frames with a rectangular shape. I picked my glasses by checking the measurements and PD from previous pair, so I was pretty confident I’d be successful. I wavered between this and a slightly smaller pair, and the frames are definitely oversized compared to what I’m used to. There’s always a bit of surprise when ordering glasses online. However, after a couple weeks of wearing them I have gotten used to them. Somebody even told me they are more stylish!

Cape Breton Highlands National Park 17My Select Specs Infinity A6668 Glasses arrived right before my weekend trip to Cape Breton (shared here) so it was perfect timing to try them out for the first time. It made my trip extra special to have such a crisp view of my surroundings!

These frames are very lightweight, and a bit loose on me so I would definitely have the plastic heated in store if I get the chance. However, having owned many plastic frames in the past I know this is a usual issue, and even when readjusted they lose their shape again. The lens themselves are great, I’m not sure if they are more of a magnet for smudges or if I can just notice because these glasses aren’t ridiculously scratched like my old pair.  However, they clean up easily. It has been really nice seeing things clearly again–can you believe my old prescription was 0.50 different?

Select Specs Infinity A6668 Glasses 5Glasses are expensive and when you already have to spend a little more on lenses because of your prescription, it’s great to have an affordable frame option. Actually, no matter what your prescription, it’s awesome to be able to save a little money on glasses while still getting glasses that do the job. I’m really happy with my Select Specs Infinity A6668 Glasses and I’m already eyeing up the website for prescription sunglasses… now that would be a treat!

Do you order your glasses online? What do you think of my new frames?

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