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Secret Santa Swap

This is a bit late but I just wanted to share the amazing Secret Santa Swap I did. I belong to a Facebook group full of lovely Canadian ladies that discuss polish and makeup, and we decided to hold a Secret Santa. The budget was $25 plus shipping, and you were randomly assigned who you would send to, and who you would receive from. December was a horribly busy time for me, and I was having a miserable day, when I came home to this bright metallic package.
Secret Santa 1It looks like an Ipsy envelope, but I don’t subscribe to Ipsy, and when I checked out the sender’s address I knew right away–– my Secret Santa Swap had arrived!

Inside everything was packaged individually, which I loved because it’s so much fun to unwrap. There was a lovely card as well.

Secret Santa 2

I eagerly opened it up to find… Secret Santa 3

Wow! What an amazing, generous swap. We share our ISO Pinterest wishlist, and all three of these items were on mine. I received:

  1. Zoya Tomoko: It’s no secret that I adore the Zoya Pixie Dusts, and this one is just so perfect for winter and gorgeous all year round. It’s #4 in my collection and 2014 is supposed to be a year where I focus on what I have beauty-wise but I admit the rest of these polishes are still calling my name… This one went immediately on my nails.
  2. China Glaze Atlantis: I have no idea how my Secret Santa (Alicia) found this, because I was looking for it for ages and never did, but I guess she had the right timing and it was in stock. I have seen so many gorgeous swatches of it and I cannot wait to use it.
  3. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Naked: Now this is how I know my Secret Santa Swap was way over budget! I adore these lipsticks, and I was actually planning to grab Naked first, but in store I convinced myself I should get something more “different” my usual shades and picked up Manic instead (check out my Sephora Haul here). Although I love Manic, I definitely still wanted this perfect neutral, and I am so so excited to have received it. I only own 3 high end lipsticks, and two of them are now by UD, because these are just such a great product.

secret santa

So yes, if you’re wondering, I was totally spoiled by my Secret Santa Swap. I could not have asked for a more perfect match, or a more kind, generous gift. Way more than I expected, but I am having a lot of fun using these gorgeous products and it was such a treat to receive. You can definitely expect to see reviews of them all on the blog!

Have you ever done a Secret Santa Swap? Let me know!

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