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Scents for Summer

Scents for SummerI really had so much fun sharing my top picks for Scents for Spring back in April and I was definitely planning to do a similar post for summer a lot earlier. Sadly, summer is already winding down now but because of my temporary move I didn’t have access to many of my fragrances and am only just now bringing you my Scents for Summer picks! So they might be a bit late, but they are still lovely and delicious and definitely worth checking out especially if you want to hold onto that summer memory a bit longer. For summer, I really love juicy fresh scents, crisp and with the occasional hint of floral. These are seven lovely Scents for Summer.

Scents for Summer 21. Vera Wang Princess Power* (review): I’m not as big a fan of this Vera Wang as I am of the other scent featured in my Scents for Summer post, but it is a brand new one so it was worth mentioning. It’s a little less bright and fresh because of the vanilla and musk base, but there’s still some light floral and fruit.

2. Fruits & Passion Orange Cantaloup: Please ignore the ridiculously old packaging on this, you definitely can’t find this packaging anymore but this signature Fruits & Passion scent is still available and it’s delicious. I’m on my second bottle– I got two as gifts the same year because I didn’t stop talking about how amazing it was, and honestly, it’s a bit simple but it’s so delicious, now that I’ve pulled it out again I have definitely been wanting to reach for this perfect yummy scent.

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream* (review): I just love all the Daisy scents I’ve tried so far and this one is no exception–it’s hard to tell from the bottle but I’ve actually made a dent in it already! Not only is the packaging probably the most summery of the batch (and my second favourite, again, it’s outshone by the Vera Wang featured next) but it’s also a great fresh fruity and slightly watery scent perfect for warm weather.

Scents for Summer 34. Vera Wang Lovestruck: Oh how much I love this scent! Everything from the packaging to the contents of the bottle are perfect, it’s no surprise this was the first expensive perfume I purchased and although it’s a giant 100 mL bottle I’m surprised not more is used up, probably because I bought it in cooler months and then it was not with me since April so I haven’t gotten to use it during the hotter ones. I was also kinda afraid of using it up, but now I realize that’s dumb and want to wear it everyday. This is the perfect combination of fruity with a hint floral and it’s just amazing, and how gorgeous is that bottle? You must go smell this!

5. Fruits & Passion Blue: Apparently I beat up my Fruits & Passion packaging? The label on this rollerball has almost 100% worn away and the product is almost done too but it’s one of those cases where I wish I had a few less perfumes and could justify repurchasing because I really love this scent! It’s fresh and juicy with a touch of vanilla to it. Also rollerballs are so convenient.

6. Victoria Secret Love Spell: It may look like I haven’t used much of this fragrance but it’s another case where it’s actually my second bottle and I love it, I just needed a bit of a break after finishing the first bottle! I don’t like many of the VS scents in my experience smelling them in store, but this one is a mix of cherry blossom and peach that’s a tiny bit tart and overall fresh and delicious. Yum!

7. Guess Dare* (review): This fragrance was a surprising hit for me, since I hadn’t really considered Guess fragrance before but if this is an example of what they offer… I am definitely interested. It’s a fresh fruity scent with citrus freshness and a floral heart of jasmine and wild rose, layered on soft musky notes.

That’s it for my Scents for Summer Suggestions! I’m already working on my Fall post so that it doesn’t come at the end of the season again, and I’m definitely looking for suggestions! Have you tired any of my Scents for Summer? What has been your scent this summer? Let me know, I absolutely love doing these posts!

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