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Scents for Winter

Scents for Winter 3I really enjoy doing my seasonal fragrance guides, but somehow managed to miss fall. Don’t worry though, I’m back with seven Scents for Winter. A few of these I have recently shared on Writing Whimsy, and a few it has been awhile but if you are looking for a great scent for the winter that will never end, keep reading.

Scents for Winter 41. Avon Luck For Her*: A scent that combines those creamy vanilla notes I love with the spiciness of amber and the juiciness of berry. It’s quite a sweet scent, but complicated enough to not be overwhelming, just warm and yummy.

2. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black*: Is anyone not in love with this perfume? It turns out I really love it layered with Nirvana White as well, but on its own it makes a gorgeous scent for winter by combining violet, vanilla and sandalwood.

3. So..? Fragrance in Sinful*: This is actually one of the scents I wanted to finish this year, so as you can tell, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it so far. It’s not as complicated as the other fragrances in my Scents for Winter guide, but it’s very affordable and I still really enjoy the powdery and almost foodie-scent which combines chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

4. Calvin Klein Reveal*: This is a cozy and slightly sensual scent with notes of sandalwood and salt. Although the bottle is a little fingerprint-happy, the fragrance itself is the perfect balance for day or night in this cooler weather.

Scents for Winter5. Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum*: I’ve been waiting to bring back out this scent since my original review in August, and now is definitely the season. There’s a stunning bottle (probably my favourite out of all my Scents for Winter) and a ridiculously long-lasting perfume that mixes jasmine with a dash of amber for something darker with a woodsy undertone that gives the scent its seductive nature.

6. Katy Perry Killer Queen*: An easy second place for favourite packaging, this ruby-esque fragrance is a warm mix of berry with floral notes and a sweet patchouli base. It’s a great mix of spicy and fruity that is complimented by the cold winter air.

7. Lady Gaga Eau de Gaga*: I was actually a little disappointed by this fragrance, but it is a seasonally appropriate unisex option. Although there’s a hint of lime and bright citrus, it dries down to a scent that is just a little too woodsy and musky for me but definitely says winter.

Scents for Winter 2I tend to reach for warmer scents that include creamy vanilla notes, white florals and the rich woodsy undertones in the winter months. These are seven scents perfect for the season (and all price ranges). What are your favourite Scents for Winter?

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