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Sally Hansen Sweet Talker Swatch and Review

I really like the Sally Hansen Complete Salon line, but sadly, I don’t really like jelly polishes, and I really don’t care for pale pinks like the kind you use for a French manicure, so ultimately Sally Hansen Sweet Talker* was not for me.

First off, sorry for the shimmer on my fingers, I blame whatever polish I had just tried to remove which apparently left a bit of a mess I didn’t notice until the photos were on my computer. But first I tried Sally Hansen Sweet Talker with two coats.

sally hansen sweet talker 2

As you can see, this is an extremely sheer polish. Which is useful if you are going for that nude, barely there, type of polish look, but I’m generally not, so I layered it up to four coats to build opacity. It was sorta successful although Sally Hansen Sweet Talker is still not entirely opaque, you can definitely build its colour up.

sally hansen sweet talker 3

The problem is that even when you build it up, Sally Hansen Sweet Talker is a streaky, kinda goopy looking mess even though I didn’t really have any issues with the formula as I was applying it.

sally hansen sweet talker 6

I suppose that Sally Hansen Sweet Talker might be nice if you were doing a French manicure or something bridal, but I honestly feel like with that kind of streakiness (less noticeable, but still there even at two coats) you could probably find another, better, version of this easily dupable polish. Personally, I just don’t think there’s anything special about this one.

sally hansen sweet talker 4

I really want to end with something nice to say about Sally Hansen Sweet Talker, and I will give it this– it’s really nice and glossy. My photos are without a top coat and it definitely doesn’t need one. But sadly, even with a decent formula, good brush, and glossy shine, this isn’t a polish I’ll be reaching for again. For such a common colour, even if you’re looking for the sheer, subtle, look, I’m just sure there is one with a more even finish to it.

sally hansen sweet talker 5

Do you feel differently about Sally Hansen Sweet Talker than I do? Do you have a favourite pale pink polish?

*PR Sample

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