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Sally Hansen Sugar Coat: Spare-A-Mint? and Red Velvet

There’s something about texture polishes I just really like, especially when they have glitter or shimmer in them, and I am always really excited to test out a new brand. One brand of texture polishes I hadn’t tried yet was Sally Hansen Sugar Coat, so I was definitely excited to review Sally Hansen Spare-A-Mint?* and Sally Hansen Red Velvet*, both new from the Sugar Coat line. These are both bright, lively colours perfect and although neither of them have glitter, I think they both offer something a bit special.
Sally Hansen Spare-A-Mint 2Sally Hansen Spare-A-Mint? is an adorably named, teal green that actually reminds me a lot of a textured Essie Naughty Nautical (although that had shimmer). I usually prefer my textures with some glitter, but there is something so bright and cheerful about this shade that I just really like the way it looks. I think this polish is great for brightening up a dark day, and perfect for the summer.

Sally Hansen Spare-A-Mint

The formula on all the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes I’ve tried, including Sally Hansen Spare-A-Mint? has also been excellent, just barely two coats and they dry super quickly.

Sally Hansen Red VelvetThe second Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polish I tried was Sally Hansen Red Velvet. Although this doesn’t have glitter in it, the dark burgundy polish is definitely shimmery, or maybe a bit frosty. It definitely has something unusual to it that I really love. I also used two coats of this polish and immediately left it on my nails–it’s just so pretty!Sally Hansen RED VELVET COLLAGE
I managed to wear Sally Hansen Red Velvet for 4 days before my nail blogger complex took over and I had to change, and in that time I just got a bit of tip wear. Like all textures, no top coat should be used with the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes, and yet the awesome thing about these polishes is how long they last anyway and how easy they are to apply.

I definitely had a good experience with the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes, both of the two I tried were lovely shades with a great formula. A few of the other newer polishes also have glitter in them, and I hope that Sally Hansen does more like that in the future. Although I prefer glitter, I really liked Sally Hansen Spare-A-Mint? because of how bright and cheerful the colour was, and Sally Hansen Red Velvet is pretty and unique among my collection.

How do you feel about texture polish? Have you tried out any the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat ones yet? Let me know what you think.

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