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Sally Hansen: Pixel Pretty

I think I’m officially hooked on this nail-swatching, blogging, thing. When I wear a colour and can’t take proper photos in time, though I usually still have one for my instagram, I honestly feel disappointed! Which is a tad annoying because Writing Whimsy is supposed to be a whimsical, stress-free, type of place. I don’t want to feel obligated to photograph or share anything when I sometimes just don’t have the energy or time. So I’m going to work on that, but in the meantime I have a gorgeous polish, Pixel Pretty by Sally Hansen, to share with you. Unfortunately, I’m giving it away–and I’ll let you know why.

sally hansen hd pixel pretty swatch

Lately I’ve been trying to wear some of the polishes I’ve neglected since I bought them, and these Sally Hansen HD ones immediately came to mind. I’m pretty sure I have three of them, but the first one I grabbed was a gorgeous, bright, turquoise in the bottle called Pixel Pretty. The bottle almost seems like it’s glowing, it’s got such a vibrancy to it. In the photos I’m sharing, Pixel Pretty also appears that way on my nails. But here’s the secret: between my base coat and my top coat, there are FIVE coats of Pixel Pretty polish. FIVE.

sally hansen hd pixel pretty 2 swatch

Honestly, Pixel Pretty had hardly any colour with at least the first two coats, and because I hate VNL I had to keep going even after three. It’s a really thin polish, which contributes to the number of coats needed, but honestly, it’s still too many. Now I know exactly what I didn’t bother to wear this one often and Pixel Pretty is going straight into the bag of polish I’m giving away. Maybe a family member or friend will be willing to have the patience for it, but given how much awesome polish I have, one that requires this much effort, even with gorgeous pay off, just isn’t making the cut.

sally hansen hd pixel pretty 1 swatch

I don’t have a polish that’s an exact dupe (duplicate) of Pixel Pretty, but I do have other similar-enough polishes that I love that just don’t require the same effort. It’s a pretty colour, but it’s a pretty big pain to apply, so I’m sorry Pixel Pretty, you just weren’t Pixel Perfect for me.

What do you think of this glow-y turquoise polish, would you be willing to wear it, even if it took five coats? Have you ever given a polish away that was a colour you loved simply because it took way too much effort to apply (or remove)?

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