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Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

This is easily one of my favourite polishes, and the best part is that Sally Hansen Pacific Blue only costs about $3 to buy and you can likely find it at your local drugstore.

sally hansen pacific blue swatch

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, like many of the other Sally Hansen polishes, is opaque in one coat though I’m pretty sure I used two in these photos (I have a bit of a backlog and have to get quicker at posting them! Although looking at these makes me envious, I had to cut down my nails since…) I think their polishes have a great consistency, it’s not gloppy but it’s still nice and thick. It also dries pretty quickly, but really, for me, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue is all about the colour.

sally hansen pacific blue swatch 4

In the sunshine you can really tell how vibrant this polish is. I don’t want to call it bright, because it’s not one of those burn-your-eyes-out polishes (though I love those too!) but it has a creamy vibrancy to it that I love. I have definitely gotten compliments on this colour before.

sally hansen pacific blue swatch 2

I really love purples and blues, especially when they aren’t too dark, they’re probably my favourite colours to buy, but even in a collection with way too many polishes (that I keep adding too any…) Sally Hansen Pacific Blue stands out for me.

A funny bonus photo, my boyfriend pointed out that my nails matched our cups so I had to photograph it. It’s not a traditional object to pose with like pretty jewelery, but hey, it’s just a nice colour!

sally hansen pacific blue swatch 5
Have you tried any of the Xtreme Wear polishes? I have maybe eight, and I really like them but Sally Hansen Pacific Blue definitely stands out. Do you have any favourite polishes that are cheap but memorable?  Leave me any recommendations in the comments!

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