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Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and Cuticle Rehab

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab* and Cuticle Rehab* are two brand new products meant to help care for and nourish really bad nails and cuticles. And I’m ashamed to say this, but when I received these products a week and a half ago, mine definitely qualified!
Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and Cuticle Rehab 3

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab is a nail strengthening base coat, which can also be worn alone as it gives a slight milky pink look to your nails and a glossy finish. The bottle is 10 mL which is smaller than average but not tiny, and the brush is also a really weird small brush that I find too short although it’s not so bad because it’s just for a base coat so perfect even lines aren’t necessary.

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab

My nails a bit of a poor example of Sally Hansen Nail Rehab, because I ended up with naked (and broken) nails not long after I first used it. But my nails were in really rough shape. In this photo below, my pinkie nail had already broken before I even applied Nail Rehab. After another break I filed them all down and although they aren’t perfect, I do find that using Sally Hansen Nail Rehab underneath my polishes has given them an extra boost while it’s on my nails. On their own they haven’t made a full recovery yet, but I’m hopeful that with a little nail and cuticle care they’ll be there soon!

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab 2

You can easily tell from the above photo, but my cuticles were in BAD shape. I decided to take and share this photo of them anyway, so it would be obvious if there was any benefit to using Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab

Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab is a cuticle oil in a squeezy tube with a brush applicator, which makes it very easy to apply and very convenient to put in your purse, or coat pocket like in my case. I really like having a cuticle oil to carry around because it makes me way more likely to apply it and actually use it. Because of the convenience, I managed to apply cuticle oil between 1 to 3 times a day and saw a huge difference in just a week.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab 2

Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab has a nice but noticeable sweet scent to it, although it fades pretty quickly. It’s basically a gel-like substance and you can squeeze more up into the brush if it’s not applying enough after a few nails. Because of the consistency and applicator, this isn’t a messy cuticle oil and I can apply it quickly and easily anywhere (I often do it while waiting for the bus!)

Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab 3

Using Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab I had fantastic results, as you can tell by comparing the two photos of my nails in this post, where the first one is before using it, and the second one is 9 days later. My cuticles are still continuing to heal and I’m sure I’ll have flawless nails in no time!

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and Cuticle RehabOverall, I’m really happy with both the Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and Cuticle Rehab products. These arrived at just the right time for me, when my nails were 100% a wreck, and although they aren’t perfect yet I have seen a massive difference, especially with my cuticles, in the last week and a half. I’m really happy with the results I have so far and can’t wait for my nails to be in fantastic shape.

Do you have damaged cuticles or nails? What do you do to take care of your nails?

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