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Sally Hansen Mermaid’s Tale Swatch and Review

I feel like everyone is probably sick of this polish by now but too bad cause I only recently got it. I have been lusting after Sally Hansen Mermaid’s Tale for months but I didn’t really want to spend that much on a Sally Hansen polish. At the end of July I was visiting my mom and she was treating me to a few things and I picked up an $8 bottle of Sally Hansen Mermaid’s Tale and I’m so glad I finally did. Sigh. I’ve been waiting for you, but you were worth it!
sally hansen mermaid's tale 4
Apparently a dupe for Deborah Lippmann’s Across the Universe, Sally Hansen Mermaid’s Tale is a glitterbomb of blue and green hexagons in a blackened jelly base and tiny dark blue glitter that really does remind me of the deep ocean. Apparently in the Lippmann polish the tiny glitter is light turquoise instead, but for the price difference (Lippmann polishes are $20+) I’m happy to stick with Sally Hansen Mermaid’s Tale.

sally hansen mermaid's tale 5
My photos actually show Sally Hansen Mermaid’s Tale on its own, as I was quite surprised and impressed that you could build to full opacity in 3 to 4 coats. However, SO HARD TO REMOVE that I am never wearing it like this again. Never. I think I could get just as much depth with a navy base and two coats of the polish, and half the pain afterwards.

sally hansen mermaid's tale 3

I guess the benefit to a polish like Sally Hansen Mermaid’s Tale that is so horribly difficult to remove is that I didn’t have any problems with chipping, and was hesistant to take it off even after my usual 3-4 day manicure was over. Partially because I knew how much work it would be, and partially because it was just so darn pretty.

sally hansen mermaid's tale

So, while I can’t see myself spending $8 or more on any other Sally Hansen polishes I’m glad I finally got this one, and when I’ve eventually forgiven it for the horror of its removal, I will definitely be wearing Sally Hansen Mermaid’s Tale again!

sally hansen mermaid's tale 2

What do you think of Sally Hansen Mermaid’s Tale? Do you own it, or the Lippmann polish? Are you sick of seeing it yet?

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