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Sally Hansen Jazzy Jade

I really love teal polishes so I was pretty excited when I saw promo photos for Sally Hansen Jazzy Jade*, a shimmery, slightly sheer polish that’s a new edition to the Xtreme Wear line.
Sally Hansen Jazzy Jade 4

I was really surprised when I did my first coat with Sally Hansen Jazzy Jade because based on the bottle and previous Xtreme Wear polishes I’ve used, I really thought this would have great coverage. One coat is really sheer however with two you get good, but not perfect, coverage. However nail line is much less visible in person than it is in these photos so I am happy to wear it this way.

Sally Hansen Jazzy Jade

That said, I am pretty “meh” on Sally Hansen Jazzy Jade, which is a disappointing surprise for me. I think I would like it a lot better without the shimmer, because the end result is a bit of a streaky finish. The formula was okay, and the dry time was average, but nothing about this polish really blew me away.

Sally Hansen Jazzy Jade 3

Sally Hansen Jazzy Jade is a great colour for summer and sunlight really brings out the shimmer in it. I also think it would look really pretty topped with silver sparkles and that’s probably what I’d do next time. That said, if I wear to recommend a Sally Hansen teal polish it would definitely be their textured Spare-A-Mint? instead.

Sally Hansen Jazzy Jade 2Overall, this was an okay polish that I wanted to fall in love with but didn’t quite manage to. This line of polishes is often on sale for about $3, and I think it’s decent for that price, but so many of the other Xtreme Wear ones are awesome (check out my review of one of my very favourite polishes, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue) that I know this could have been better.

One thing is for sure– Sally Hansen Jazzy Jade is definitely not the last teal polish you’ll see on Writing Whimsy! What’s one colour you often find yourself lusting over?

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