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Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Spring 2015

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Spring 2015First I shared Complete Salon Manicure offerings, then new Salon Effects, and today I’m back with five shades from the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Spring 2015 Collection*. The Insta-Dri line has actually gotten a makeover, and the formula has been improved for extended wear and extra shine. There’s even a new logo! Of course, there are also 14 new shades for Spring, including Making Mauves, Orange Zest, Ablazing, Show Steel-er and Navy Fleet, all of which I have swatches of.

Sally Hansen Making Mauves 2 Sally Hansen Making MauvesUnfortunately, the improvements to the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri line didn’t include a change in bottle shape (which I don’t love) or the fact that the flat brush handle collects too much polish (which I don’t love) but luckily the product inside is still fantastic (which I love). Sally Hansen Making Mauves is an almost cloudy pinkish nude with an iridescence to it. I applied two coats for an opaque finish, but it is not going to hide any nail imperfections. I don’t love shades like this, but it is very “work appropriate”. If you actually have a job with considerations like that, I know my nails would be very sad if I did.

Sally Hansen Orange Zest 2 Sally Hansen Orange ZestOnto a much more cheerful shade, there’s Sally Hansen Orange Zest, a colour I feel like belongs a little more in Halloween or summer instead of the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Spring 2015 Collection but maybe it’s sticking around. Or maybe people just like orange (not me). That said, this had a decent formula, it did take 3 coats because it was a little streaky, but you could probably get away with two thick ones, if you knew that upfront. But now I’ve told you, so you do.

Sally Hansen Ablazing Sally Hansen Ablazing 2Another slightly fall shade to me is Sally Hansen Ablazing, which is a slightly burnt orangey red with loads of copper shimmer. You can definitely see the shimmer on the nail although my bright lights hide it a bit, but that also means you get the shimmer during the removal process, although that’s solved by washing my hands after. I used 2 coats, because I don’t think it was ever going to be opaque like I wish it was, as pretty as it is. There was some potential for staining, so do use a base coat. Well, always use a base coat, but here’s an extra friendly reminder.

Sally Hansen Show Steel-er Sally Hansen Show Steel-er 2Before I started swatching I already had a favourite from among the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Spring 2015 shades I tried, which is why I swatched it last and painted all my nails with Sally Hansen Show Steel-er. This is an incredibly cool-toned slate grey that almost looks a little blue in some lights, and required two coats for a glossy opaque finish. On the nails, I love it just as much.

Sally Hansen Navy Fleet Sally Hansen Navy Fleet 2Finally, there’s a little visit to the dark side with Sally Hansen Navy Fleet. First, a fairly obvious STAINER warning, but I do love this dark (but in now way blackish) blue. There’s almost something greenish about it to me, and it is gorgeous in two coats, but doesn’t actually dry to a shiny finish. To me it’s a little more satin or rubber, which I think the photos capture on some nails. Of course, a shiny top coat can take that all away, but it was interesting to see.

There are a massive 14 new shades from the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Spring 2015 launches, and the formula on the ones I tried is excellent. I still have my eye on the purples of course–Cherry Fast, Plummet and Leapin’ Lilac. Oh, and Reteal Therapy. However, out of the five shades I tried, my clear favourite is Sally Hansen Show Steel-er–what’s yours?

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