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Sally Hansen Hi Ho Silver Swatch and Review

Apparently November 1st is when Christmas countdown starts so it only seemed appropriate to share this holiday-themed polish, Sally Hansen Hi Ho Silver*.

sally hansen hi ho silver 2

Sally Hansen Hi Ho Silver  is a bright, metallic, silver that was sheer in one coat when I applied it. However 3 coats was perfect and that’s what I’m wearing in these photos.

sally hansen hi ho silver 3

The formula of the polish was flawless. I am always really impressed with the Sally Hansen Complete Salon line, I haven’t tried a single one that was patchy or gloopy or anything like that. That said, this polish is not my favourite. The metallic finish really shows off any flaws in your nails and although mine are so short they are okay for that at the moment, it definitely could be a problem if your nails are damage somehow.

sally hansen hi ho silver 5

On a personal level, I just don’t really like metallic finishes because you can see the brushstrokes which drives me mad, and Sally Hansen Hi Ho Silver is no exception. That said, you are mainly distracted by how shiny it is. I think this shade would look really pretty as an accent with Sally Hansen Blue My Mind, but it’s definitely not thick enough for nail art stamping even though I thought it would be in the bottle.

sally hansen hi ho silver

Ultimately, Sally Hansen Hi Ho Silver is a really pretty colour with a finish that just doesn’t sit well with me. I feel like there are probably other similar shades out there, but the formula is nice on this one and if you’re looking for a bright metallic silver, I love how this one really glows on your nails.

sally hansen hi ho silver 4

Sally Hansen Hi Ho Silver kinda reminds me of aluminum foil but in a good way and although I’m not a polishes where you can see brushstrokes, the quick-drying and great formula mean I’m excited to try out more from this line of polishes in the future.

*PR Samples

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