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Sally Hansen Blue My Mind Swatch and Review

Funnily, the package that I got from Sally Hansen and Rimmel included to polishes with the same name, and the one I’m sharing today is Sally Hansen Blue My Mind*. Despite, predictably, both being blue, these polishes are nothing alike and you can definitely justify having both in your collection–– I’m happy I do! Click here to check out Rimmel Blue My Mind*.

sally hansen blue my mind 3
It has a gorgeous, glowy feel to it, and although I’d probably classify Sally Hansen Blue My Mind as more of a summer colour, that didn’t stop me from happily wearing it in October. Besides, I think you could definitely use this for a winter manicure with some white or silver accent.

sally hansen blue my mind 4These Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes are intended to be worn on their own, so this two coats, no top coat. You could probably get away with one thick coat but I prefer two thinner ones for a more even application. It is quite an opaque polish though and dries to a pretty shiny finish even without the top coat. Next time though I’m going to add a top coat for even more gloss.

sally hansen blue my mind

I recently acquired China Glaze Frostbite although I can’t say for sure that it’s a Sally Hansen Blue My Mind dupe, they certainly look a lot alike. They’re close enough I’ll probably pass on my China Glaze since it’s still brand new. I’m generally impressed with China Glaze formula as well, so it’s hard for me to know if one polish is actually better than the other, but either way this colour is lovely.

sally hansen blue my mind 2

Sally Hansen Blue My Mind was super easy to apply and despite the large brush I got perfect even edges with no cuticle flooding or anything like that which is always nice, especially with a dark blue. Their brushes aren’t my favourite as I sometimes have difficulty getting a flat edge of them for some reason although that does vary by polish. However, they do make it easy to cover all of your nail relatively quickly.

It’s a pretty long-lasting polish, even without a top coat there was just some minor wear on day 3 when I took these photos (although sorry about that! Didn’t want to repaint all my nails…) I generally find the Sally Hansen Complete Salon polishes quite durable.

sally hansen blue my mind 5

Overall, Sally Hansen Blue My Mind is a pretty, opaque, glowy blue polish that helps prove just how reliable Sally Hansen polishes are. Although they are technically all-in-one polishes, I do recommend a base coat for a blue like this, and personally, I’ll be adding a top coat for extra shine in the future as well, but I’ll definitely be wearing this one again.

Which do you prefer, the Rimmel or the Sally Hansen Blue My Mind polishes? Let me know! My vote is Rimmel, but this one is really lovely too.

*PR Sample

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