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Saffron Rouge Inner Circle September Review

You can check out my August Review here, but now I’m back with the Saffron Rouge Inner Circle September Box* which was sent to me at the same time. Again, if you’re interested in subscribing this is an eco-friendly, organic monthly subscription that costs $24.99 including shipping, and for more details check out this link.

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle September

Although I enjoyed the August Box, I adored the September one which really impressed me with the quantity and quality of products. It contained 7 items, 4 of which were packets and 1 of which was full size. The information about the products was included in brochure format this time and once again came with a 10% off code for items included in the Saffron Rouge Inner Circle September Box. Saffron Rouge sells a huge selection of organic beauty products on their website

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle September 2

I was really shocked by how heavy the Saffron Rouge Inner Circle September box was, but of course once I opened it I understood why. While August seemed to focus on bath products, September focuses on hair care. I am really trying to go more natural with my hair care, though it is a struggle, so I was really glad to get this mix of products to try out.

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle September 4

Amazon Beauty Rahua Conditioner ($34 for 275 mL, sample is 60 mL/$3.71)

Amazon Beauty Rahua Voluminous Hair Spray ($32 for 177 mL, sample is 60 mL/$10.85)

Amazon Beauty Rahua Shampoo ($32 for 275, sample is 10 mL/$1.16)

We received 3 different products from Rahua, a brand that is 100% vegan and gluten-free as well as made without parabens, chemicals, sulfates, dyes, or petroleum. I really like that the box included both a shampoo and a conditioner so you can try them together, even if one sample is a lot more generous than the other, I didn’t mind considering we also received a full size shampoo in the box from another brand. Voluminizing spray isn’t really something I need, but I will probably give it a shot anyway although I am a bit nervous as I definitely don’t want to volumize much more. I also smelled the conditioner and the scent was really nice.

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle September 5

Dr. Jones’ Organic Shampoo ($14.99 for 236 mL, sample is FULL SIZE)

Not only is the packaging on the Dr. Jones’ shampoo awesome, I’m really excited we got a full size product in the Saffron Rouge Inner Circle September box! I will definitely be putting this shampoo to good use. The scent is nice, but the real test will happen once I start using the product.

 John Masters Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel ($17.95 for 236 mL, sample is 10 mL/$0.76)

Lulu Organics Hair Powder ($35.95 for 128 g, sample is 5g/$1.40)

Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil ($36 for 100 mL, sample size is unknown)

All the little foil samples sound lovely and I’m quite excited to try them all out and see how they do as I’m not familiar with any of the brands.

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle September 3

Alright, so here’s the moment of truth… the total value for Saffron Rouge Inner Circle September Box is $32.87. The cost of the monthly subscription, including free shipping, is $24.99 (find out more here). The only slight complaint I had about the August box was the value, so I’m happy to see it’s about $10 more for the month of September. The October box has a crazy high value (over 3 times what you pay) so it definitely seems like Saffron Rouge is working hard to make its boxes even better. The October box, which was all fantastic makeup, is sadly sold out but I’ve been told November is even better!

I also really like how Saffron Rouge Inner Circle seems to have themes to their months, like this one was focused on hair care. It makes it seems like the box was really curated instead of just thrown together, and it’s nice to get products that compliment each other. I am really excited to try out all of these new organic hair care products. Unfortunately I’m a student and on a limited budget but I am super-tempted to subscribe to Saffron Rouge Inner Circle, so you may see more reviews on these boxes in the future.

What do you think of the Saffron Rouge Inner Circle September box? Are you tempted by this subscription? Let me know if you decide to try it out!

*PR Sample

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