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Saffron Rouge Inner Circle August Review

But, Zoe, you might wonder upon reading the titles of this post, Saffron Rouge Inner Circle August Review, isn’t it a bit late for a review of an August box? And you’re right, it really is. But Saffron Rouge was lovely enough to send me their Inner Circle August* and September* boxes to share with you all, and because I hate when my posts get super-long, I’ve divided it up into 2 separate posts.

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle is an eco-friendly and organic monthly subscription box which ships to Canada, the US, and internationally. It costs $24.99 a month (no extra shipping Canadians!) Click here to learn more and subscribe, but check out my reviews for some of the past boxes.

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle August

As a side note, I realize I’ve had approximately a billion posts lately, so let me know if you really think it’s too much, but I’ve been loving my productivity and sharing as much with you guys as I can, so as I work at scheduling posts I’m going to try to keep up 2 a day though that may change depending on lots of factors. I’m not putting pressure on myself, just letting you know what my plans are. I also am going to combine more posts, which this is a horrible example of, but for example with polish collections where I have more than one shade I may try to swatch them together.

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle August 2

But anyways, back to the Saffron Rouge Inner Circle August box. It was beautifully packaged in a way that doesn’t overdo it with wasteful packaging but still manages to look gorgeous with its simple sheet of gold tissue paper. Nicely wrapped subscription boxes are just so much more fun to open. It also included a piece of paper with information about all the contents, as well as a promo code for 10% off any the products featured, all of which Saffron Rouge sells on their website.

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle August 3

The Saffron Rouge Inner Circle August box was the first one, and there were definitely a couple speed bumps in comparison to the incredibly fantastic boxes to follow (I don’t have October, but WOW). That said I’m still really happy with what the box contained, which is a focus on bath and skin products. It’s pretty apparent that I love my bubble baths but there were quite a few lovely things in this month’s box.

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle August 5

There were 6 items in the Saffron Rouge Inner Circle August box, but that included 2 foil packets. The value was okay (I’ll calculate it at the end) but slightly disappointing to me. I really wanted one more item that would really wow me. That said, this is the first box Saffron Rouge ever sent out, and it’s very clear they learned from it because the September (and especially October) values are much higher and the products are even larger. That said, there was nothing wrong with this box even though it didn’t blow me away, and I’ll share a little more information about the products it contained.

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle August 7

Red Flower Organic Birch Mineral Hydrotherapy Soaking Plunge ($47.95 for 32 oz, sample is 1 oz/$1.50)

I don’t generally use bath salts (yet) but that makes me especially interested in testing these ones out as they are supposed to rejuvenate and lead to radiant skin as well as release tendons and muscles. The scent is quite woodsy but really nice. It’s a small packet but enough for one bath I assume and I think it will be nice after a long day, maybe in combination with the next product!

Dr. Hauschka Lavender Bath ($32.95 for 150 mL, sample was 30 mL/$6.59)

Like I said, I love anything that can go in the bath, so I was most excited by this product. Like all the Saffron Rouge Inner Circle August packaging, it is quite luxurious in a glass bottle. This scent is Limited Edition and smells exactly like lavender which will be quite relaxing, and I imagine really nice and moisturizing for your skin.

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle August 6

The Body Dell Palm Springs Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion ($35 for 8 oz, sample is 1 oz/$4.35)

I really like how well this absorbs and it’s definitely not greasy but I wouldn’t say it blew me away with hydration either, especially for the winter months when my hands really dry out. The scent was not my favourite as it was pretty floral so I’m more likely to use this as a body lotion.

The Body Dell Palm Springs Natural Parfume ($60 for 10 mL, sample is 1.15 mL/$6.90)

I definitely preferred the scent of this over the lotion, which is funny because they are from the same collection, but this perfume has a much stronger citrus note which is quite lovely although I might save it for warmer weather (not surprising given that this is the Saffron Rouge Inner Circle August Box!) I am really into perfume these days and always excited to have another one to test out. However, the actual price tag for this perfume of $60 for 10 mL is more than I can afford even if I do fall in love with it.

Suki Butter Cream Healing Salve ($24.95 for 60 mL, each sample is 4 mL , 8 mL/$3.32)

I didn’t test these out yet as they were in sealed packets, but I have heard great things about the brand Suki and the ingredients on this sound basically edible. It also says it can be used on cuticles and mine desperately need it!

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle August 4

The total value of Saffron Rouge Inner Circle August Box was $22.66, according to my calculations. The cost of the box is $24.99, including shipping. It did not contain any full size products although the bath oil sample in particular was quite generous.

Although the value was quite close to what was paid and you get to try a nice assortment of products, I wouldn’t subscribe to a box unless I knew the value I was getting was higher than what I paid, otherwise I’d rather pick out products myself. That said, this box contains some really expensive products that would be difficult to sample otherwise, but I’m pleased to say the September and October values of this box are much higher.

Overall, I’m really happy with the contents of the Saffron Rouge Inner Circle August Box even if I wish the value was a touch higher, the variety and the quality is really nice and I’m excited to share September’s box with you next because I like it even better!

Have you heard of Saffron Rouge Inner Circle before? Let me know what you think of this subscription! Click here to learn more and subscribe.

*PR Sample

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