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Rimmel Sunny Days

YELLOW. It’s so gloomy this Canadian winter, when I was thinking of what swatch I wanted to share next I decided there was nothing better then something nice and bright and cheerful. Which is exactly where Rimmel Sunny Days* comes in.
1-Rimmel Sunny Days 3

I was sent Rimmel Sunny Days for review, however I actually own a dupe of this polish, Rimmel Sunshine. However it was really old and needed to be tossed so even though I have some swatches of it I may never end up sharing those because I’m sure the polish was much nicer when I first bought it. That said, yellows are notoriously bad, and I won’t pretend that Rimmel Sunny Days is perfect either.

1-Rimmel Sunny Days 4

First off,  this is a sheer polish that manages to be both a bit thin and a bit gloopy, even with my brand new bottle. As a result I’ve got four coats on my nails in these photos and you can still see that it’s not 100% opaque. You can also tell that I’ve had a bit of difficulty with the formula, in particular on my pinkie nail. However, like the 60 Seconds line promises, this does dry quickly.

1-Rimmel Sunny Days

Because of the sheerness and consistency, I would probably not wear Rimmel Sunny Days on its own. I might even try it with a white base for opacity, or I can see this definitely getting used in nail art or with some kind of decoration. I’m glad to have a replacement for my Rimmel Sunshine, and happy to have a yellow polish in my collection, but it’s not one I’ll be reaching for often (it also really doesn’t work with my skin tone, ugh!)

1-Rimmel Sunny Days 2
If there’s a truth all polish addicts know, it’s that a good yellow is hard to find, and as cheerful and happy as Rimmel Sunny Days makes me, I’m still hoping for something better.

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