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Rimmel Sage All The Rage Swatch and Review

I’m back! And here’s Rimmel Sage All The Rage*!

Honestly things have been quite stressful lately and although I find it hard to believe I’ve been gone for over a week, it was much-needed. I was headed down to Yale for a debate tournament this weekend without my computer and I returned from the nearly 30 hour drive quite sick 🙁 I also spent last week doing a ton of field work (but it’s finished!) however that trashed my nails pretty badly. These photos are from before but hopefully you don’t mind my short nails for awhile.
Rimmel Sage All The Rage

I really like Rimmel Sage All The Rage, it’s the kind of polish that’s neutral without being boring and although I do have another polish or two in the same family, I don’t think I have anything quite like it.

Rimmel Sage All The Rage 5

Like with all my Rimmel 60 Seconds polishes, the formula on Rimmel Sage All The Rage is smooth and even. The first coat was quite sheer, but with the second coat it was perfect. Any unevenness is because I was applying this polish in horrible lighting late at night (my last one was just too chippy to wear another day).

Rimmel Sage All The Rage 2

Two of the things I really like about Rimmel Sage All The Rage is the smaller bottle size (8 mL) because I rarely finish polishes, and the fact that they haven’t sacrificed the brush like so many mini bottles do. These polishes have big wide brushes that give me coverage in 1-2 strokes per nail, which makes it super quick, especially in combination with the quick dry formula of 60 seconds or less.

Rimmel Sage All The Rage 4

Overall, I think Rimmel Sage All The Rage is a great colour especially given the season, I love this muddy green for fall and I also think it might be lovely with some silver glitter. The wear on this was great, I wore it for a weekend away in the woods (another reason I haven’t been around as much!) and didn’t have any problems with it.

Rimmel Sage All The Rage 3

Definitely super impressed by the colour and formula of Rimmel Sage All The Rage, although it might not be exactly 60 seconds (I haven’t timed it!) these polishes definitely dry faster than my usual ones and have great opacity in 2 coats. I have a few more left (both samples and ones I’ve purchased) that I’ll definitely be sharing in the future as well.

What do you think of Rimmel Sage All The Rage? What’s your favourite colour for fall?

*PR Sample

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