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Rimmel Green With Envy Review And Swatches

This nail polish, Rimmel Green With Envy, is a little special to me for completely ridiculous reasons. It was actually bought on a trip to Walmart with a friend during my undergrad, and it’s the first polish I can remember buying in university. Later on I gave away basically all the nail polish I had at home, but I actually still kept the first nail polish I ever got (a multicoloured glitter!) even though that’s a little silly because it’s obviously unusable.

rimmel green with envy 2

This first swatch is pretty true to colour for Rimmel Green With Envy, it’s a shiny green that definitely can look blue-ish depending on the light. My bottle is a bit thick to apply, but as I just admitted it is…. several years old. I definitely remember it being easier when I first got it.

rimmel green with envy

The brush for applying Rimmel Green With Envy is pretty thick and wide, which makes it a tad more difficult on smaller nails (and mine aren’t even small, I just mean pinkie fingers) but also means fewer strokes which is nice. It’s not my favourite brush, but it does the job.

rimmel green with envy

I can actually tell that I’ve made a decent dent in this bottle of polish, I believe it’s maybe two thirds done, so I think I might try wearing it more in the near future. It would be awesome to have a bottle of polish in my June “empties” post, especially because I keep buying more. I actually found a colour of purple in Quo by Orly when I was doing my Shoppers Haul that I adored, and forced myself to say no. I really have too much nail polish, and as much as I love the Julep Maven boxes, I was happy to skip for the month of June so I can enjoy some of the polish I already have.

Rimmel Green With Envy is a quick-dry formula, which may also explain why it’s kinda gloppy. With all the polish I have, I definitely need to invest in polish thinner, even though that defeats the point of quick-dry formulas. It’s a pretty colour, but not one I’d rebuy, and I guess my emotional attachment to it isn’t so strong I won’t be happy to toss it when it’s done!

Do you have a beauty product with a sentimental memory attached? Do you use polish thinner, or have a recommendation for one?

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