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Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation Reviews: Ivory, Soft Beige, Warm Ivory and Classic Beige

This is one of those reviews that I have sorta been avoiding writing. I don’t really know why, as I have had these foundations for awhile and tested them out for weeks, but somehow Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation* always got dropped to the bottom of the “to write” review pile. Sorry. I received these foundations for review, so that’s why I have so many shades. Two are the traditional Clean Finish, and two are Clean Finish Matte, and the shades I have are 120 Ivory*, 240 Soft Beige*, 230 Warm Ivory* and 230 Classic Beige*.

rimmel clean finish foundation

Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation is extremely affordable, I often see it on sale for around $5 at Shoppers. The bottles are 30 mL, which is a decent amount. The packaging is slightly different for the regular and matte lines, as the caps on the matte bottles have a bit of a blue-tinge to them. The shades I received all quite light and although Ivory and Classic Beige didn’t look like they’d match my skin, even the bottle, I was happy to test out Soft Beige and Warm Ivory. So, just to clarify, those two bottles aren’t quite full because I used them.

rimmel clean finish foundation 2

I actually found both the Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation and the Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation Matte to be quite matte on the skin and I think you can tell in the swatches, although it doesn’t stay matte all day (at least not on my skin!) These bottles actually all come equipped with a little spatula stuck to the lid that helps you scoop out the foundation, either on to the back of your hand, or directly onto your face if you wanted. The spatula would probably be nice when you’re getting near the bottom of the bottle, but it’s not the most hygienic system for removing foundation.

rimmel clean finish foundation 3The swatches of the foundation occur in same order I’ve listed them and they are in the bottle shots: Ivory, Soft Beige, Warm Ivory, and Classic Beige. These are all the Rimmel Clean Finish Foundations when dry, and you can tell something very disturbing about them. They are SO much darker than the colour in the bottle. Here’s another shot when the same foundations are only partway dry, just so you can see how much the colour changes.

rimmel clean finish foundation swatch

Sadly, I wore quite a bit of Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation before I realized how badly it oxidized, and even afterwards I kept wearing it with a powder on top to help lighten it up, as see in this FOTD where I’m wearing Soft Beige. So basically, if you’re interested in purchasing this foundation, you have to swatch it, and wait at least ten minutes to see the colour it turns before you buy it. You cannot trust the bottle.

rimmel clean finish foundation 5There are actually quite a few things I like about Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation. The texture is really nice, it’s kinda thick (which is probably why there’s the spatula instead of a pump) and gives a nice level of coverage, somewhere between light and medium, so it doesn’t look heavy. I feel like the matte one may have made me break out a bit, but I also don’t normally have the best skin, so it’s hard to tell.

Overall, even though Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation has some points I like about it, the oxidization is annoying and definitely something to consider. I will probably go back to these bottles in the future (or maybe just Soft Beige), because the consistency and coverage is really nice and as you can tell in my FOTD they gave me a pretty flawless look but in the future I’d prefer to buy foundation that is a bit more predictable.

Have you ever had a foundation oxidize on you? Did you like it anyway?

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