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Rimmel Blue My Mind Swatch and Review (Featuring LA Colors Treasure Island)

I just love bright, opaque blue creme polishes so it’s no surprise I fell in love with Rimmel Blue My Mind* before I even got it out of the bottle. In fact, I’m using an asterisk * to show that this polish was sent for review, but the truth is I already owned it! However the fact that I was sent a second bottle doesn’t bother me when it is such a pretty shade I’m sure I’ll find something to do with my extra.
rimmel blue my mind 6

Because it’s a fun addition and also because I’m trying to use up some of glitter minis because the brushes are annoying, I dabbed the tips of my nails with LA Colors Treasure Island, a fine green glitter which I think looks pretty nice with Rimmel Blue My Mind.

rimmel blue my mind 1

I tried this one out after loving Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl (swatches here), and the consistency is on the thicker side, though not too thick and I definitely wouldn’t add thinner or anything. However because of that I was surprised it wasn’t opaque in one coat as I could still see VNL. After adding a second coat of Rimmel Blue My Mind which was perfectly opaque and glossy.

rimmel blue my mind 3I  really love the brushes on these 60 Seconds Rimmel polishes. They are sorta mini bottles at only 8 mL (though that’s the same size as a Julep!) but the brushes definitely aren’t. They give me complete coverage of a nail in 1 to 2 strokes and the “beavertail” shape of them are great for clean edges that don’t require clean up.

rimmel blue my mind 2

The 60 Seconds polishes including Rimmel Blue My Mind are pretty much all super glossy and this one definitely didn’t need a top coat however because of the glitter I added on top I ended up using one as it was a bit grainy.

rimmel blue my mind 5

The glitter polish I used, LA Colors Treasure Island, has great coverage as what you see is basically one coat, but it is a bit gloopy I think because it’s older and in a dreaded mini bottle which I find dries up faster. I do think it’s pretty though and as I work to finish up these LA Colors mini glitters I have I might just end up replacing them all with full sizes. Both the polishes in this review are incredibly affordable, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at my nails, and I definitely appreciate that about them.

rimmel blue my mind 4

Technically, I guess Rimmel Blue My Mind is a summery polish but I just love these bright blues so much I definitely wear them year-round so I don’t feel weird about reviewing it in October. Let me know what you think this polish and how you feel about this whole “glitter on the tips” trend I seem to have gotten hooked on!

*PR Sample

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