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Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl Swatch and Review (& Rainbow Honey Cosmic Dawn)

There will probably be a lot of polish posts for awhile because a) I have A LOT of polish to share, and b) I have an insane schedule lately and polish is the easiest for me to review. Plus I have some really pretty ones I love, like Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl.*

Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl 2

I’m heading to New Haven for a debate tournament this upcoming weekend which has meant lots of extra practices and training, and sometimes I’m at school as late as 10. Plus I’ve started sampling for my PhD work, which even helped eat up my weekend. So sad busy life, but I always have time to paint my nails. Especially since Rimmel sent me a awesome batch of polishes to share with you like Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl! And I got my fantastic Rainbow Honey order in (check the whole thing out here). Of course I had to use one, so I topped my index nail with Rainbow Honey Cosmic Dawn.

Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl 5

So yes, life is crazy but polish is pretty, especially Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl. When I checked out the batch Rimmel sent me, this is one my eye was immediately drawn to. I love good, solid creme polishes (especially as a venue for glitter!) I love them even more when they dry quickly, and these Rimmels definitely do.

Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl 3
I’ve featured a Rimmel 60 Seconds polish before (Green With Envy) and the polish was kinda gloopy, but it was also about a billion years old. Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl is brand new, and suffice it to say it is smooth and buttery in an entirely inedible but delicious way. It was also so opaque I was probably okay with one coat, but given that I was painting my nails around midnight I did a second one just to make sure it was super opaque (which is was!)

Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl 6

I was also really impressed by the shine of Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl, and maybe it’s because I used a base coat but it didn’t stain my nails after wearing it for a few days like these types of blue generally do, so that was really nice. There was a tiny bit on my cuticles when I removed, but nothing bad and it was easily removed. Even though this is a really pretty blue on its own, I did adding some sparkle to my accent nail with the gorgeous Rainbow Honey Cosmic Dawn polish I purchased.

Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl 4

Overall, two lovely polishes and a lovely combination I think.

What do you think of Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl? Have you tried Rainbow Honey polish before? Let me know what you think!

Note: This post contains a product sent for review (the Rimmel polish*) however in no way does that influence my opinion of the product.

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