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Rihanna RiRi Eau de Parfum

Rihanna RiRi Eau de Parfum I definitely judge a scent based on how it sounds, rather than any celebrity names on it, and as a result some of my favourite fragrances are from Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Even though I don’t listen to Rihanna’s music, her latest fragrance, Rihanna RiRi Eau de Parfum* still had my attention.

Rihanna RiRi Eau de Parfum 4Rihanna RiRi Eau de Parfum comes in a heavy glass bottle with a pink liquid inside and the name on the front. The cap is a gold sphere, with a faux leather handle. The packaging is definitely on the young side, likely with the intention to appeal to Rihanna’s fan base, however what really matters to me is the scent inside.

Rihanna RiRi Eau de Parfum 2On initial application of Rihanna RiRi Eau de Parfu, there’s a bright burst from the mandarin, cassis, and passionfruit, as well as a bit of rich sweetness from the rum notes. As it dries down, the light floral notes of pink freesia, jasmine, orange blossom and honeysuckle become more apparent. There’s also a creaminess from the vanilla, and the base notes also include Indonesian sandalwood, skin musk, Siam benzoin although I don’t find those apparent. The final fragrance is nice, but not very unique.

Rihanna RiRi Eau de Parfum 3 The lasting power of Rihanna RiRi Eau de Parfum is excellent and I can still smell the sweet, lightly floral, and quite fruity scent after 6 hours. As somebody who owns a lot of fragrance, this one did feel a little generic to me, but it does smell nice and  if you don’t already own something similar, then this is a nice option to consider.

Do you buy celebrity fragrances?

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