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Revlon Mascara Collection Reviews

Revlon Mascara Collection Reviews 2

If you’ve seen the Revlon display at the drugstore lately you may have noticed something…all their mascaras have VANISHED. Instead of a billion mascara with unclear claims, Revlon has simplified down to 5 straightforward, colour-coded options with the new Revlon Mascara Collection. These mascara tell you exactly what they are meant to do taking all the guesswork out of purchasing.

Revlon Super Length Mascara 3

I was sent three of the five options in the new Revlon Mascara Collection. I have the Revlon Super Length Mascara*, Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara*, and Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara*. I find it really satisfying how they all match nicely except for having a different colour cap. The other two options are the Revlon Ultra Volume, and the Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara (which I am kinda interested in, because who wouldn’t want a mascara that does EVERYTHING?)

Revlon Mascara Collection Reviews

Although the Revlon Mascara Collection looks the same from the outside of the tube, the brushes inside are all very different depending on what the mascara is targeting. The varieties I have are all available in Blackest Black (waterproof and non-waterproof) as well as Black and Blackened Brown.

Revlon Super Length Mascara 2 Revlon Super Length Mascara

The Revlon Super Length Mascara has a slightly tapered brush with natural bristles. It contains little fibres and definitely helps lengthen lashes. I found it easy to get even those little inner corner lashes, although the larger brush does mean I sometimes bump my eyelid with it–if you are less short-sighted than me that may not be an issue. The benefit of focusing on lengthening and not volume is that you get a clump-free free that looks like natural lashes, only better. For me this is a perfect day-time mascara!

Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara 2 Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara

The Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara has a very bendy wand with spiky rubber bristles of differing lengths. I applied it to my top and bottom lashes for an extra dramatic look but I do not like the results. I found the wand difficult to use and the resulting lashes were kinda spiky. I also had the waterproof formula which was so so difficult to remove, even with an oil, but I don’t usually use waterproof so I’m not sure if that’s always the case. Despite a waterproof formula, I did experience flaking with this mascara.

Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara 2 Revlon Volume + Length Magnified MascaraThe final mascara I tested out was the Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara. This mascara has a pretty classic natural bristle brush although the square shape is meant to anchor the formula to the lashes (I’m not really sure how that works…) There are fibres in the mascara that help add both volume and length, so it really does thicken in comparison to the Super Length formula. It’s not quite as dramatic as I expected but it is a very nice mascara that does a bit of everything quite well.

Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara 3

I really love the premise behind the new Revlon Mascara Collection and from the mascaras I tried, they mostly deliver on what they promise. I definitely think it’s worth trying out the mascara that makes the claim you are looking for, but my personal pick out of the ones I tried is the Revlon Super Length Mascara which provides loads of natural, clump-free length.

Have you tried one of the new Revlon mascaras? What does you ideal mascara do?

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