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Revlon by Marchesa Evening Garnet

I only have two more of these left! And I admit it, I’m saving them. But in the meantime, here’s another set of amazing, gorgeous, nail stickers Revlon by Marchesa Evening Garnet*

Revlon by Marchesa Evening Garnet

I have to admit that, in the package, Revlon by Marchesa Evening Garnet was probably the design I was least excited about. It’s filled with gems so it’s very bumpy, and I just wasn’t sure how good it would look the nails. However, once they were on my nails I was in love. Revlon by Marchesa Evening Garnet 5I found the Revlon by Marchesa Evening Garnet nail stickers very easy to apply, and I seem to have a super easy time finding ones that fit my nails although that may be different depending on what shape and size your nails are. You could definitely get away with much longer nails since I had to cut off quite a bit of the sticker (sadness!)

Revlon by Marchesa Evening Garnet 2

In terms of wear, I got the usual 3 days out of these. The intricate designs are just not meant to be super long lasting, and even after a day or two you can see significant wear, as evidenced my photos. I find the stickers wear away and peel up at the tips, but I definitely didn’t have any issues like the rhinestone falling off, so they are quite durable in that way. Revlon by Marchesa Evening Garnet 3Overall, I am a huge fan of the Revlon by Marchesa Evening Garnet nail stickers, as well as the rest of the collection. I don’t know how many posts I can make saying that these are like mini works of art for your nails without much of a time commitment– they take me less than ten minutes to apply– but they definitely are.

In addition to nail stickers, Revlon by Marchesa also has a new line of beauty tools, including a gorgeous mirror, nail files, and a red lipstick and nail polish. As expected, everything looks gorgeous!

What do you think of Revlon by Marchesa Evening Garnet? Have you seen the new items from the line?

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