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Revlon Elegant

I really like neutrals, which is why I was really happy when Revlon sent me a lovely box of them (see its contents on my instagram) but the one place I don’t usually go for them is on my nails so Revlon Elegant* is one of the first nude nail polishes I’ve owned and I was curious to try it out.
Revlon Elegant

First off, the formula on Revlon Elegant is like butter. Two perfect coats gives flawless coverage and shine (I’m not wearing a top coat in these photos). Unfortunately this beige isn’t a colour I think looks great on me, but I really wish it did.

Revlon Elegant 3

Revlon Elegant is perfect if you are looking for something quiet and timeless. It’s nude but it still has dimension to it. Also, sorry my cuticles suck, my nails/fingers are just not in great shape these days but I am working on it. Lots of cuticle oil is being applied!

Revlon Elegant 4

If I worked in the kind of place where I had to be business appropriate, I think a shade like Revlon Elegant with great application is exactly what I would reach for. But I’m allowed to wear glitter, so I do.

Revlon Elegant 2Overall, I guess I don’t have much to say about this polish! Application is perfect, opacity is perfect, and the shade is quite nice it just doesn’t have quite excitement I look for on my nails. However if you are looking for a great nude polish, I definitely recommend picking up a bottle of Revlon Elegant.

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