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Revlon Cream Blush Pinched

Revlon Cream Blush Pinched 5Beauty blogger problem: Sometimes you have a makeup product, all photographed and ready to go so you can finally dip your fingers into it and test it out and then the unthinkable happens– maybe the memory card is corrupted or maybe, like in this case, the photos just suck. Sorry self, but they did. So I went back in to photograph Revlon Cream Blush Pinched* but as you can tell, no more flawless packaging. I’ll try not to let that pester me forever.

Revlon Cream Blush Pinched 4I am a bit of a cream blush addict so I was pretty excited to test out the Revlon formula and see how it fared. These are pretty giant cream blushes at over and come in a few different shades. Unfortunately the first one I tried, Revlon Cream Blush Pinched, was just not quite right for me.

Revlon Cream Blush Pinched 3In the pot (or should I say, barrel, these things are huge!) Revlon Cream Blush Pinched is a really pretty, light peachy orange colour with gold shimmer. The formula on these blushes is excellent and I find them very soft, cream and easy to blend in for a natural finish. The problem is that this shade is just too natural for me (I’ve swatched it on my arm but haven’t bothered with a face photo because it’s really too subtle for camera). While this might be a really pretty shade if you have fair skin, I would say avoid it and grab one of the other gorgeous options from Revlon if you don’t. My skin is only slightly past fair (about NC20) and it still barely showed up even when I layered it on lots all I was left with was some shimmer.

Revlon Cream Blush PinchedI had an incredibly hard time judging the wear of Revlon Cream Blush Pinched because I honestly could not see it on my face, however cream blushes aren’t known for their lasting power and I think I got a few hours wear out of it when it wasn’t topped with a powder blush.

Revlon Cream Blush Pinched 2Overall, I wouldn’t say Revlon Cream Blush Pinched is a failure, I do want to offer a warning. However, if you’re pale and looking for a great summer, peachy and shimmery blush, this is definitely one to consider!

What do you think of Revlon Cream Blush Pinched? Don’t convince me I must keep it because I already passed it on to a friend, but I do have the shade Coral Reef and I cannot wait to try it. As far I can tell there are only two other shades– Flushed and Charmed– both of which I desperately need (especially Charmed).

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