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Revlon by Marchesa Royal Burgundy

So before these arrived, I didn’t have any experience with nail stickers. To be honest, I enjoy painting my nails, so I wasn’t in a rush to stop––hence no gel polish for me! But then I saw these. Marchesa is a high end brand co-owned by Georgina Chapman (who I watch weekly on Project Runway All Stars!) and they collaborated with Revlon one some really gorgeous nail stickers, ones I had been eying already, so I was pretty excited to open a package with six designs in it, including Revlon by Marchesa Royal Burgundy*.

revlon royal burgundy 4

Out of the six designs I received, Revlon by Marchesa Royal Burgundy was the one that caught my attention first. The combination of burgundy and gold was luxe and gorgeous. Inside the package was two sets of stickers, for a total of 18, which gives you plenty of choices for each finger. There was also a tiny nail file and cuticle stick.

revlon royal burgundy

I’ll show how I applied these stickers in this post, but I’ll probably skip over it in my other reviews, since it’s basically exactly what you’d think. I quickly swabbed my nails with acetone and let it dry off before applying them, since I wanted the sticker to have a really clean, dry, surface to adhere too. I’d already picked up which stickers I was using for which fingers, so I simply pulled it off the sheet and applied. That left behind a big overhang–– which is good, these are definitely usable even if you have pretty long nails–– so I bent the sticker over and filed off the excess.

revlon royal burgundy 2

I repeated the step for each nail, and I admit I started with the left hand so the photos are of my first try, although I think it’s probably about the same as my second try, given that I had to use my non-dominant hand to apply on my right hand. One of the great things about Revlon by Marchesa Royal Burgundy is that not all the stickers are exactly the same, so as you can tell, I ended up with the perfect accent nail.

revlon royal burgundy 5

On my nails, the Revlon by Marchesa Royal Burgundy decals look gorgeous but I honestly wasn’t sure how long they would last, I mean they really just are stickers. I got about 2 days of wear out of them, although you can probably get up to 3 depending on how well you apply them. I found that they fit quite well to my nails, and although the ends where I filed them aren’t perfect, I think that just takes a bit of practice.

revlon royal burgundy 3Overall, Revlon by Marchesa Royal Burgundy nail stickers aren’t a long-lasting, daily wear, type of product. But they are gorgeous. The designs are incredible, some of the prettiest nail stickers ever, and they even have some unique texture to them (less obvious with this design, more so on some of the other ones.) I think for a special event, these are hassle free and bound to get compliments.

Actually, I take back what I said, I want to wear these everyday, just looking at these photos, SO PRETTY.

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