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Revlon by Marchesa 24K Brocade

After Royal Burgundy* (see my review here), the next nail sticker design that caught my eye was Revlon by Marchesa 24K Brocade*, a beautiful textured mix of gold and green. These looked nice in the package, but honestly once I got them on my nails, I was IN LOVE.

revlon by Marchesa 24k brocade

I swear, the worst thing about the Revlon by Marchesa nail stickers is that you have to take them off. They are so incredibly gorgeous and I always get lots of compliments when I wear them. I sorta wish I could save them for a special event, but since they were sent for review I figure it’s best not to hold onto them for the next 5 years. So I’ve been wearing these gorgeous stickers on normal days, and I admit they add a little something special to them, so I think that’s good enough.

revlon by Marchesa 24k brocade 4

The wear time on nail stickers (these aren’t made of real polish) is never going to be fantastic, especially when they are textured, but I think because Revlon by Marchesa 24K Brocade is a little less bumpy, it did last a bit longer than Royal Burgundy. Or maybe I got a bit better at applying them. I definitely found application to be even easier the second time around. All you do is wipe your nails down with polish remover, let them dry, and then peel off and apply the sticker. The more difficult part is filling the sticker down to the right size, but it’s definitely still way faster than waiting for polish to dry! And the results are way more incredible than I could ever accomplish using nail art.

revlon by Marchesa 24k brocade 3

These are definitely pricey if you’re going to be wearing them every day, but the impact of Revlon by Marchesa 24K Brocade nail stickers is amazing and these would make a fantastic stocking stuffer (if you can bear to give them away!) . The only issue is taking them out of the package and deciding you actually want to wear them. I still have 3 more styles left to try, and I admit that I’m savouring them a bit. So pretty!

revlon by Marchesa 24k brocade 2

I think I’ll feel like a broken record with all these reviews, but let me know what you think of Revlon by Marchesa 24K Brocade and if you’d ever use nail stickers?

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