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Refresh Botanicals Natural Skincare

Refresh Botanicals Natural Skincare 6From the brand that brought me one of my favourite makeup removers (MAX/Effects Naturals 2in1 Eye and Face Makeup Remover*, reviewed here), there’s actually an entire line of skincare. I tested out a four step routine from Refresh Botanicals Natural Skincare that included a Foaming Facial Cleanser*, Facial Toner*, Daily Facial Moisturizer* and Night Restore Complex*. The skincare line, like the makeup remover, is full of natural ingredients (over 99% in all products shared here), mainly organic, and without unnecessary additions like artificial fragrance, parabens, alcohols and petroleum by-products.

Refresh Botanicals Natural Skincare 3Refresh Botanicals Natural Skincare Foaming Facial Cleanser: This doesn’t really foam like the Simple cleanser does, it’s more of a milky gel that froths up a bit as you massage it onto your face. The end result is pretty good, but it makes my eyes water in the process. I am not too sensitive to scents, but whatever the natural ingredients are in here (there’s no fragrance added) just don’t agree well with me and unfortunately that just my overall experience with this line.

Refresh Botanicals Natural Skincare 2Refresh Botanicals Natural Skincare Facial Toner: Easily my favourite out of the four products I tried, this is the only one I’d continue using because not only is the pump packaging really convenient, but the toner itself is not too harsh on my skin though still a tiny bit drying. This is a great way to make sure any makeup residue is gone and it also feels cooling on the skin.

Refresh Botanicals Natural SkincareRefresh Botanicals Natural Skincare Daily Facial Moisturizer: I find both moisturizers from this line to be a bit sticky, and I didn’t really feel like this absorbed into my skin easily, which makes me wonder if it was this (or the next product) specifically that were causing the breakouts. There’s no obvious scent and if I’m feeling super luxurious I would use it as a hand cream cause I actually really like it that way as it’s quite moisturizing, just doesn’t work great on my face.

Refresh Botanicals Natural Skincare 4Refresh Botanicals Natural Skincare Night Restore Complex: This comes in a container half the size of the moisturizer, but I don’t think it’s twice as effective. I found this was definitely worth when it came to the sticky skin concern, and it meant that I kept touching my skin cause it was bothering me, and that probably didn’t help with the breakouts either. I didn’t notice anything magical when I woke up in the morning, and if you are using the rest of this line, it might be worth trying a different night serum to go with it. (I know I have a personal favourite!)

Refresh Botanicals Natural Skincare 5Unfortunately, the Refresh Botanicals Natural Skincare doesn’t work as well for my skin as the make up remover did. I’m not sure why this is, except that maybe it’s because these products stay on my skin and get absorbed more than the makeup remover? Or failed to get absorbed, in the case of the moisturizer. Perhaps there are enough different natural ingredients in the skincare line that my skin reacts poorly, but unfortunately I have seen my breakouts get worse while using this line. Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different, and make sure to check out Julie from Swatch and Review for a more positive experience with the Refresh Botanicals Natural Skincare line. That said, I still liked the toner but I will probably be passing this whole set onto somebody else to try! Changing your skincare routine always has risks, but Refresh Botanicals Natural Skincare is still worth considering if you’re looking for a natural choice.

Have you ever tried more natural skincare products? How has it worked for you?

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