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Recipe for a Cozy Winter Evening with Jodi

After whatever adventures you’ve been up to on New Year’s Eve there’s nothing like a cozy night in… or, you know, trekking off  on another Peruvian adventure (not that I’m complaining!) If you’re wondering how to take full advantage of the cold winter night, luckily Jodi from Uthe Rollercoaster has the perfect recipe. Jodi is one of those bloggers I better be meeting in 2015, because she actually isn’t that far from me. She also runs a fantastic beauty blog filled with skincare, tea, and gorgeous makeup looks you should definitely check out!

Hi there! My name is Jodi and I blog over at Up the Rollercoaster. I was thrilled when Zoe asked me to guest post here on Writing Whimsy, though I admit I was a bit stumped as to what I should write. Luckily a wave of inspiration hit and…well here we are! I give you my recipe for a Cozy Winter Evening. Enjoy!

1 delicious-smelling candle
1 cup of tea (Peppermint preferred)
1 full set of pyjamas
Dash of bath supplies
(Optional) Hydrating face mask

Start your evening off by removing your day clothes – including any makeup – and replacing them with snuggly pjyamas or loungewear. While settling into your new comfy clothes, pop on the kettle so that you can brew your choice of tea – my favourite is peppermint or sleepytime.

While your tea is brewing, start your bath filling and don’t forget to pop in those bath supplies! My all-time favourite is Butterball (or Butterbear for the Christmas season!) but honestly, as long as it smells relaxing and is nourishing to the skin I love it. For this post I used Honey Bee. Mmm.

While your bath is filling, bring your candle into the bathroom and light it somewhere where you will be able to enjoy the smell and the flickering of the candle light, but that it won’t fall. I usually set it on the corner of our sink…very precariously, mind you.

Once your bath is filled and your tea is brewed, it’s time for a nice long soak. If you’re using a face mask, apply it now – I looooove Origin’s Intensive Overnight Mask.

Sit and percolate in the bath waters until wrinkled as a prune. Let the stress of the day seep out of you into the steamy bathroom as the flickering of the candle brings you towards a state of zen. Enjoy your new, relaxed self. Ignore the rest of your responsibilities for the rest of the night and curl up with Netflix or a good book.

I hope you enjoyed this “recipe” – I especially like to top off my evening with a cat-magnetizing blanket for potential cuddles. Thanks for having me Zoe!

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