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Recent Empties

It might be apparent from the fact that I skipped right from March Empties (here) to August Empties (here) but there were a few months in between where I did finish products but never managed to blog about them because I was moving between two places and things were just kinda scattered. Now that I’m in the midst of unpacking I’m starting to come across those empties, which no, I still didn’t throw out and moved with me to my new apartment (the things we do for blogging) and so I figured I would share them. Hence, “Recent Empties”. You can expect probably 2 more out-of-date empties posts in the future before I’m all caught up, and hopefully I’ll do a decent job remembering about the products even if these posts are a bit late!

Recent Empties 2So many Lush empties! This looks like a big pile of the garbage that it is, so you’ll just have to take my word for what the contents once were. For starters there’s a small Lush Gold FUN*, which I originally reviewed back in December as a part of the Lush FUN Christmas set, although I still have one more small size and two full size packs of it to use up. I love the honey-toffee scent, but I prefer a liquid (shower gel) or solid (bar soap) format over “FUN”.

Along the honey-scent theme I have two bath bombs I shared as a part of my Honey Love with Lush post, which are the Lush Honey Lumps* (which I also did a full review of) and the Lush Honey Bee*. I definitely prefer the Honey Bee bath bomb, as it has a much stronger scent.

There are also two bath bombs I purchased and didn’t manage to review but I highly recommend both of them, Lush Dragon’s Egg which is filled with gold shimmer and a rainbow of colours, as well as Lush Sex Bomb, which people told me to buy so many times I finally had to. It’s rose-scented and has rose petals and I have absolutely no complaints there.

Finally, I finished up two treats from Easter which were the Lush The Brightside*, a massive citrus bubble bar I will definitely repurchase, as well as the Lush Immaculate Eggception (Pink)* which was a lot of fun (you cracked it open and it had an egg inside), with a nice scent.

Recent Empties 3Phew, everything feels easier after that Lush haul! My boyfriend and I weren’t sharing shampoo for awhile which means I finished way less than usual, but these are the last two bottles he helped me with. There’s the Clear Scalp & Hair Intense Hydration*, which wasn’t that special and I wouldn’t repurchase, and the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo* which we both loved and he stole most of so I bought him his own bottle after this one was gone. I would definitely rebuy again when it’s on sale.

There’s also our last Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Foaming Hand Soap, which is my favourite holiday scent and I can’t wait for it to be back again. Yum!

Recent Empties 4It’s a massive accomplishment to finish up a fragrance, and I actually hauled this 50 mL bottle of Avril Lavigne Black Star right around the time I first started Writing Whimsy check out my May 2013 post here, so that makes it especially cool. It was a vanilla chocolate type scent that I did like although near the end I was just happy to be done with it.

There’s a little Lush sample lurking in there as well, which is the Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder. I found it pretty difficult to use in the little pot like that, but I am intrigued by it as something to put in your shoes or on your legs after you use an oily massage bar.

When I was in London I got a very discounted trial set that included Aromatherapy Associate De-Stress Muscle bath oil which I loved, but I do have a lot of bath products and they are quite costly so it’s not happening quite yet. In terms of de-stressing, I also have two Montagne Jeunesse face masks, the first is Super Fruit Mud* and the second is Deep Sea Mud Spa* and I especially loved the Deep Sea one as it was really relaxing.

Recent EmptiesLastly, a few teas. The Lipton Green Tea Orange, Passionfruit and Jasmine is one I inherieted and it was okay but not something I’d buy. I did purchase Stash Pomegranate Raspberry and although I usually use loose leaf, this one is really good and something I’d pick up again if I was ever in a situation where I could justify buying tea and couldn’t use loose leaf.

The two loose leafs are DAVIDsTEA Main Squeeze, which was a gift that was amazing (a surprise in a swap I did) and it was discontinued when I got it so I savoured it, but it has since been brought back and I’ve purchased it here, and here. It’s a fruity mate that’s delicious. I also finished up some of my Christmas tea such as DAVIDsTEA Spiced Fig, which was just okay and I don’t see myself grabbing again this year if it’s brought back.

That’s it for this batch of empties. I think the new format where I write about things in full sentences helps make empties posts a bit easier, so thanks for the positive feedback and you should see another empties post coming in a week or two as I make an attempt to get 100% caught up. It could happen.

Have you tried any of my recent empties? Let me know what you thought if you did.

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