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Recent Empties (2)

As you maybe noticed, I went a couple months without empties posts while I was in the middle of a very extended move, and now that I’m all unpacked I found a bunch of products that I had stashed away, empty, to share in one of these posts. Yes, I realize how ridiculous that is, but this is my final “Recent Empties” posts with a random batch of products I finished from May to July. To see part one of my Recent Empties, click here.

Recent Empties 3I inherited a box of Twinings Chai Spiced Apple, and like a good tea lover accepted it. I mainly drink loose leaf tea but this was pretty nice as I do like anything apple-flavoured. I also finished up another bottle of my favourite polish remover, the Compliments Nail Polish Remover (Lemon Scented), which I find works really well and doesn’t smell horribly.

I am trying to go more natural with my deodorant but I do have a few to finish up first and that includes the Secret Antiprespirant, which I do really like, but like I said, trying to go more natural. There’s a pack of ImPRESS Nails*, which I actually own a ton of so I will never have to purchase, but they are great for fancy occasions. Finally, there’s a package of Garnier Clean+ Soothing Remover Cleansing Towelettes*, which I loved because they are big and not irritating.

Although not pictured, I recently used up The Body Shop Honeymania Soap* and the reason I forgot it in my September 2014 Empties where it belonged is the fact that once you use up a bar soap…there’s no packaging left to show often (this one came shrink-wrapped but that’s it). I liked the soap even though it seemed to last forever–maybe that’s a good thing, but I like change–but I have a ton of bar soap and this one wasn’t special enough to rush out and repurchase.

Recent EmptiesMakeup-wise I did have a couple Recent Empties, including an amazing fragrance that is apparently discontinued, the The Body Shop Brazil Nut Eau de Toilette. I reviewed a few other products from this line and loved them so much I bought the matching perfume. I still have most of the body care left so I’ll have to savour that now…

I finally finished up a cuticle oil! This one from Julep came in a rollerball format that was really handy and I thought the oil itself was awesome and smelled great. I even finished up a lip product–Revlon Pink Truffle Lip Butter. I absolutely loved this shade, it was my first lip butter and one of my first lipstick-like products. I know own a Pink Parfait, but I have so many lip products these days I can’t really justify repurchasing this shade any time soon.

I made it through about 2/3 of a bottle of Essie Blanc before I couldn’t revive it anymore, although you can’t tell my usage from the bottle, I swear, there was only a small amount glued to the bottom and I’m now onto a second bottle. I also had a tiny bit of a LA Colors Glitter left I couldn’t get to, so that is being tossed. I’m pretty sure that there are no more of these mini glitters lurking to be tossed…

Recent Empties 2It wouldn’t be any kind of empties without some DAVIDsTEA and these two packages are Christmas flavours I was working to drink up before this Christmas hit. I finished up both Sleigh Ride and Santa’s SecretOut of the two, I’d repurchase Santa’s Secret if it’s available again this year.

That’s it for this recent empties. It feels SO good to be all caught up on my empties posts and now I just have to focus on using more things up to share with you. What have you finished lately?

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