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Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Swatches: Blurple Rain, Margaritaville, Fascinating Me and Everyone Have Fun Tonight

Woah, well this is a photo-heavy post! But it’s photo-heavy with gorgeousness. I posted last week that Rebel Rainbow Lacquer was opening their shop for pre-orders (It’s still open until October 31st at midnight!) and they’d sent me four gorgeous polishes for review. Today I get to share these polishes with you!
rebel rainbow lacquer

Sadly I had a whole weekend of clouds and rain-–thank you, Halifax–– so I had a hard time capturing the holo and sparkle that these polishes truly have. Trust me, they are even nicer in person.

First off is Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Blurple Rain*. It’s my least favourite of the four I’m sharing today because I dislike sheer polishes. That said, it was clearly intended to be that way and it means you can wear it two ways– on its own (I’m wearing four coats here but you could probably get away with 3) or over a base colour (these photos are one coat over Sally Hansen Black Out).

rebel rainbow Lacquer blurple rainrebel rainbow Lacquer blurple rain 4rebel rainbow Lacquer blurple rain 2rebel rainbow Lacquer blurple rain 3

Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Blurple Rain is a lovely purple/blue duochrome and while the polish is a tad thing it applies really smoothly. I find it a bit streaky and I think I prefer it over black.

The second polish I have is Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Margaritaville*, and this was a first for me– a scented polish! It smells like margarita, which means a bit like lime. I thought the scent was pretty fun but if you’re not into scented polishes you can order this unscented as well.

rebel rainbow Lacquer MargaritavilleRebel Rainbow Lacquer Margaritaville 3Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Margaritaville 6Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Margaritaville 7

Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Margaritaville is a light lime-coloured polish that has a touch of holo in it that I tried to capture as best as I could. I also found it shifted a bit to yellow with gave it a nice depth. The formula on this one is thicker than Blurple Rain and you could probably get away with one thick coat of polish, but I went for two and had no issues with opacity.

In addition to two polishes from the opening collection, I received two special polishes: a topper and a Limited Edition. Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Fascinating Me* is one of the two top coats available, and both contain scattered holo. There’s a fine and a chunky one, and I got the chunky holo.

Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Fascinating Me 4Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Fascinating Me 5Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Fascinating Me 7Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Fascinating Me 3

Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Fascinating Me is a gorgeous top coat jam-packed with holo, I only needed one coat to get the kind of coverage you’re seeing in my photos. One coat! I layered it over 4 different polishes to show you how it looks, but the possibilities are endless and I know I’ll be breaking this out with different base colours in the future.

And finally, I saved my favourite for last. Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Everyone Have Fun Tonight* is one of two Limited Edition shades they’re releasing. The LEs are $12 instead of $10 a bottle, but I think it’s worth it because they are something special–– we’re talking multichrome, holographic, polishes.

rebel rainbow Lacquer Everybody Have Fun Tonight 2rebel rainbow Lacquer Everybody Have Fun Tonight 3rebel rainbow Lacquer Everybody Have Fun Tonight 5rebel rainbow Lacquer Everybody Have Fun Tonight 4I was most sad about the lack of sunshine when it came to Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Everyone Have Fun Tonight, but even on a cloudy day you can see how the polish, which has red and gold undertones, pretty much glows on your nails. You can also see that it’s jam-packed with holo, and on a sunny day I’ll have to take more photos of this one to show you just how gorgeous it is. The best part? I’m wearing one coat in these photos. It’s incredibly opaque and creamy, the formula is effortless, and I absolutely fell in love with this polish.

All I can say is that I definitely need to grab the other LE, Everyone Wang Chung Tonight, which is blue and grey and chocolate-coloured.

rebel rainbow lacquer 3

Although Everyone Has Fun Tonight is my clear favourite, I really enjoyed these polishes and I can’t wait to see what else Rebel Rainbow Lacquer has to offer. I am still pretty new to indies, but I think it’s so great that these are made by two girls in Vancouver and that each bottle is hand-poured. I can’t wait to see what their next collection brings!

What do you think of Rebel Rainbow Lacquer? Are you interested in picking up any of these polishes? Make sure to check out the rest of what they have at and let me know if you place an order 🙂

*PR Samples

Disclosure: These polishes were sent for review. I also know the founders of Rebel Rainbow Lacquer through a Facebook polish group I belong to,  however I am committed to giving my honest opinion on their creations.

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