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Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter Kit

Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter Kit 8For somebody who blogs about (and owns quite a bit of) makeup, my brush collection for applying it is severely lacking. I finally splurged on two classic Mac brushes and until recently that was the extent of my eye brush collection. For those in a similar situation to me, or just looking to try out some great and affordable brushes, there’s the Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter Kit*.Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter Kit 7Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter Kit comes with five different brushes for your eyes (and eye area, there’s a brow one too) along with a carrying case that can also turn into a stand to hold them. It’s super convenient and works out to about $4 a brush which is pretty awesome. I mean, I buy chai lattes more expensive than that (not often, stop judging).  The Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter Kit includes a base shadow brush, deluxe crease brush, accent brush, pixel-point eyeliner brush, and brow brush in addition to the case-plus-stand.

Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter KitReal Techniques Base Shadow Brush is easily my favourite from the set. I probably shouldn’t be starting with it, but the other brushes are great too, it’s just that this one wins out because it’s soft, it’s great for picking up shadow without being too heavy, and I could basically do all my eye makeup with just this brush if I had to. If you were on a desert island and could only take one brush? This is that brush. The brush is flat which is great for applying colour to the lid and the rounded top can be used for applying highlighter to the inner corner or brow bone as well.

Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter Kit 6Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush is very soft and fluffy, it has a rounded shape and is a bit large to actually use on the crease of my eye. However it is fantastic for blending out because of how fluffy it is. One thing I love about Real Techniques brushes is that they are all colour-coordinated based on what part of your face they are for, so all your eye brushes will be purple, cheeks and lips are pink, face is yellow. It’s super easy and organized.

Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter Kit 5The brush I don’t see myself getting a ton of use out of is the Real Techniques Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush. As you may already have heard me mention, I don’t generally wear eyeliner. However, even if I did I think this brush is a little “floppy” and long for applying it, and I would prefer something a little more rigid if you were applying a gel eyeliner. You might be able to use this to smudge shadow along the lash line, but I would prefer the next brush for that instead.

Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter Kit 3The Real Techniques Accent Brush is definitely unique in my collection, but I’m so glad I have it! This little flat brush is great for smudging, putting shadow along the lash line, adding a dab of shadow wherever you need it. The small size means this is a very precise brush, and I feel like I will find many more surprises uses for it the longer I use it.

Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter Kit 2The final brush in the Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter Kit is the Real Techniques Brow Brush. I have only just started using an eyebrow product that requires a brush to apply it, and the one I have is a lot smaller than this and I think I prefer that given how opaque the product (MUFE Aqua Brow) is. However if you are filling in your brows with a powder, this would be a good choice as it soft but stiff enough to apply precisely and pick up shadow. When I got the set, I thought this was an eyeliner brush, and I’m sure it would be good for that as well.

Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter Kit 4Overall, I’ve been really happy with the Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter Kit! These brushes are really soft, and haven’t shed at all for me. There are definitely ones I like more than others in the set (the base shadow and accent are my favourites!) but overall I think it is a great value for only about $20 and provides a fantastic selection of brushes for applying your eye makeup. This is my first time trying brushes from Real Techniques, but it definitely won’t be my last.

Have you ever tried Real Techniques before? You can find the brand at Walmart and Lawtons as well as online at FarleyCo.

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