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Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X Collection Part 2: Apple Kid, Tessie and Magic Cake

In my recent addiction to photo collages (have you NOTICED?) I have combined these polishes swatches into two collages per polish. Let me know how you feel about this style in the comments, but I sorta like it, in particular when I’m featuring more than one polish in a post and they can get quite long otherwise. Although it does end up meaning bigger blocks of text because I’m not good at condensing much, so perhaps I don’t like that. Anyway… onto the polish! Today I have three gorgeous shades from the Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X Collection Part 2. I’ll start with Rainbow Honey Apple Kid*, followed by Rainbow Honey Tessie*, followed my personal favourite (shh!), Rainbow Honey Magic Cake.*

Rainbow Honey Apple Kid CollageFirst up is Rainbow Honey Apple Kid, a gorgeous vibrant pink with some shimmer that is perfect for the summer, to brighten up a winter day, or for that upcoming holiday….what’s it called again? The one where people use a lot of pink? šŸ˜‰

Rainbow Honey apple Kid 2 CollageI used two coats of Rainbow Honey Apple Kid in these photos and you can still see a bit of VNL but it’s very subtle, even more so in person, so it didn’t bother me much. The formula is thin and easy to apply evenly. It’s also a super shiny polish– I’m not wearing a top coat in these photos. Without top coat the polish lasted a couple days, so I would still use one next time just to extend the wear, as I want to make this fuchsia beauty last as long as possible– or at least as long as it take until I get nail blogger antsy and have to switch it up!

Rainbow Honey Tessie 2 CollageThe second polish I received was Rainbow Honey Tessie, and wow do I love this one. Periwinkle is a favourite colour of mine, and this polish combines that blue-ish purple shade with blue shimmer to make it something unusual from the rest of my nail polish collection– which is pretty impressive, because I wouldn’t say I have “too many” purples… but I do have “a few”.

Rainbow Honey Tessie CollageOnce again, I’ve applied two coats of Rainbow Honey Tessie in these photos and no top coat. The formula was very similar to Rainbow Honey Apple Kid, but there was no issue with opacity. It applied really smoothly and gave a very glossy finish. I have only tried glitter polishes from Rainbow Honey before these two, but these make it clear they have a really great product even if you’re not addicted to glitter. But who isn’t addicted to glitter?
Rainbow Honey Magic Cake CollageSpeaking of glitter addiction, yes, here’s my favourite. I’m sorry, I love all three shades but my heart just belongs to Rainbow Honey Magic Cake. I had been lusting over this for a long time and somehow manage to not grab it in my Rainbow Honey Haul (shared here) but it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s a neon top coat made up pink, purple and green shades in various sizes that also includes a shimmer-filled base so it looks pretty over basically any colour I could think of. I layered it over (from left to right), Rainbow Honey Emerald Weapon*, Rainbow Honey Apple Kid*, Rainbow Honey Tessie* and Essie Blanc. Both Apple Kid and Tessie are from the same collection as Rainbow Honey Magic Cake– part 2 of the Summer of 199X Collection– and you can just tell how well they go together and what perfect, bright summery shades they are.

Rainbow Honey Magic Cake 2 CollageThe formula on Rainbow Honey Magic Cake is really good. The glitters stay well-suspended so there’s no need to shake the bottle before applying, and I added one coat to each nail except my pinkie, which I did first. I did have to make sure my brush was full-loaded with polish and apply a slightly thicker coat to get away with one coat and no dabbing, but it’s quite easy to do and get a nice, even layer of polish. The shimmery base to Rainbow Honey Magic Cake means it really gives a gorgeous look to any cream polishes, and I definitely plan to wear it over a plain black soon!

I hope you liked my little feature of some the Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X Collection Part 2 polishes! There are two more in this part of the collection, a light teal, Mint Flavor, and a glitter with butterflies, I Miss You, and both of them are gorgeous as well. What do you think of my photo collage addiction? Which of these three polishes is your favourite? Let me know!

Rainbow Honey polishes are available directly from and from Nail Polish Canada (free Canadian shipping!)

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