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Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag

Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag 10I got a fantastic surprise parcel from Rainbow Honey last week and it included three polishes from their brand new Summer Mixtape collection which I will be sharing soon, along with the Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag*. I have been wanting one of these since they first launched as it combines so many of the things I love– mystery, polish, mail, and Rainbow Honey. Unfortunately, although there is a mini ($10) and a large ($25) format of the bag, shipping is $7 for Canadians. However, Rainbow Honey is excited to share that very soon the mystery bag will be shipping from within Canada as well, decreasing transit time and shipping costs! They sent out some of their Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag to celebrate with Canadian bloggers, and I am so excited to share it with you guys!

Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag 9Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag comes well packaged in tissue paper with a monthly sticker. Inside there is bubble wrap to protect the polishes, and everything else is also sealed which surprised me for an indie brand. There is plastic you have to peel off which helps prevent spills and lets you know the product hasn’t been tampered with.

Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag 8 Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag 7Of course the real question is, WHAT IS INSIDE? The Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag comes with three skincare/fragrance/nailcare products and three mini polishes. The same products come in both the small and large bags, but the size of them is obviously different. For example, polishes are 15 mL vs 5 mL.

Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag 6Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag includes three products in the delicious Midori scent, which is fresh and fruity and I really love! It would be a bit annoying to get three products in a scent you don’t like, but for me, it’s perfect and I’m sure that other Rainbow Honey scents will be just as delicious! Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag 5 I think it’s really cool they’ve expanded into perfumes, and I was excited to try out the Midori Eau de Parfum Rollerball (4 mL) which is super cute and great for your purse. There’s also a Midori Cuticle Balm (.15 oz) in a lip balm tube which the same great scent and a very moisturizing formula. It is easy to apply on the go and you don’t have to worry about leaks like you do with oils, which is great. Finally, there’s a Midori Cooling Gel (1 oz) which comes which is light and refreshing for summer and absorbs really well into the skin leaving behind a cooling feeling and a delicious scent. I think it would be fantastic to apply after a day in the sun.

Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag 4Of course the reason everyone is interested in the Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag are the polishes, and they are pretty! The polishes contained in the mystery bag are sneak peeks and previous of new polishes, and unreleased samples of future collections. That means the only place you can get them is in the mystery bag and you don’t have to worry about duplicates in your collection! I have seen some months where you get a top coat or a base polish as well, but I am excited to get three colourful and glitter-packed shades for July: Viridis, Deep Heart Sea and Chemical Plant (5 mL each). Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag 3Quite awhile ago Rainbow Honey switched to these mini polish bottles and I really like them. Despite being mini bottles, the brush and handles is great and it’s not hard to reach the bottom. I also like that they are the same height and style of packaging as the large bottles– might be superficial, but they fit nicely in my collection with my full size Rainbow Honeys. However, if I subscribed I’d still be tempted by the large mystery bag and the full size polishes because 5 mL doesn’t last that long and I want to use these polishes forever.

Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag 2 I swatched each of the polishes in the Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag on one nail to show you what they look like, and they are pretty!

Rainbow Honey Viridis is a glitter topper with neon green glitter including stars and lots of pastel shimmer. I used three coats for my swatch, but you could get away with less over a base colour.

Rainbow Honey Deep Heart Sea is my easy favourite from the three, and Rainbow Honey says it is a personal favourite as well– it’s a blue jelly based filled with loads of bright glitter including white hearts and purple shimmer. There is loads of glitter in the polish and I got a full-packed nail with two coats.

Finally, there’s Rainbow Honey Chemical Plant, a shimmery shade with pinkish gold glow to it that I would have preferred a bit more opaque as there is still slightly visible nail line with three coats. However, it’s got a smooth texture and is absolutely gorgeous in the sun. The two glitters have expected glitter removal concerns. Rainbow Honey July Mystery BagOverall the Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag was a HUGE hit with me. I love the scent and all the products included and I got three polishes I will definitely wear especially that squishy summer Deep Heart Sea (which they should definitely release on its own!) I am very excited to hear what the subscription will be like for Canadians and I will make sure to share once I know. You can actually still purchase the Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag if you are interested on their website. 

Well, that was a surprisingly long post but I was really excited to share this subscription with you and I would love to hear if you are interested in subscribing!

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