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Rainbow Honey Haul

Well now that I’ve finally shared my Black Sheep Lacquer polishes, it’s time for another indie haul! I have wanted to try Rainbow Honey polishes for a very long time. However, it only makes sense to order from them if you want at least $50 worth of product (I think) because when you do you get a free Limited Edition polish along with free shipping (to Canada and the US). Recently they restocked a whole bunch of limited edition shades and I picked up 5 full size (15 mL) bottles for $10 each. I also go September’s LE included in my Rainbow Honey Haul.

So here are the lovelys:
rainbow honey haul

I picked up:

  • August Limited Edition – Heisenberg
  • The Changeling Queen
  • Soul Gem
  • Orionids
  • Cosmic Dawn
  • September Limited Edition – The Fizz

These all look gorgeous and so sparkly! I love my Rainbow Honey haul and I can’t wait to try them on my nails.

As a note, I have heard of people being charged customs on Rainbow Honey orders so I really recommend ordering in $50 batches rather than higher values. I have not heard of $50 orders being charged duties in Canada. Click here to visit the Rainbow Honey website and check out the polishes. I think Orionids is sold out but last i checked all the other polishes I ordered are still available.

Have you tried Rainbow Honey polishes before? Let me know if you have a favourite or one of these you’d like me to share first! I’m so excited to try them all out.

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