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Rainbow Honey Emerald Weapon and Rainbow Honey Hellfire

Earlier this week I shared some gorgeous Rainbow Honey polishes from their Summer of 199X Collection (check those out here), and today I have two more, this time from their Final Battle Collection. The first is Rainbow Honey Emerald Weapon*, and  the second is Rainbow Honey Hellfire.* Again, I’ve gone with the photo collage approach– thanks for the positive feedback, I really think it makes sharing multiple polishes in a post a lot easier, though I can’t promise that I will always do it! Rainbow Honey Emerald Weapon 2 Collage

Out of the five polishes I was sent, Rainbow Honey Emerald Weapon was actually the first one I tried. It definitely surprised me. In the bottle, I had thought it would be quite similar to a polish I used to own (I somehow managed to finish it), Rimmel Green With Envy (see swatches here). On the nails however, it is nothing like it. Although both are a similar emerald shade, Rainbow Honey Emerald Weapon is filled with blue and green shimmer that gives it an extra sparkly depth, especially in sunlight.

Rainbow Honey Emerald Weapon CollageIn the photos, I am wearing two coats of Rainbow Honey Emerald Weapon without a top coat. As I am finding with Rainbow Honey polishes, you don’t really need a top coat for shine, but I think it would help with the wear, although I managed to get a few days out of this shade all the same. The formula was nice, a bit thicker than Tessie and Apple Kid but still easy to apply evenly.

Rainbow Honey Hellfire CollageThe second shade I received from the Final Battle collection is Rainbow Honey Hellfire, one of the jam-packed glitter bomb top coats I love from the brand. I decided to test out the polish over a few different shades, from left (gold) to right, they are: Essence My Sunny Side, Essence Hello Summer!, Sally Hansen Black Out, and Essie Blanc. Rainbow Honey Hellfire actually has so much glitter in it you have make sure you don’t apply too thick of a coat just so you can see all the amazing glitters it contains.

Rainbow Honey Hellfire 2 CollageThere is basically any kind of glitter you could want in Rainbow Honey Hellfire, including some large stars that I did have search for a bit to get because they tend to go to the bottom of the bottle, but once I got them it was definitely worth it. There are a few pieces of bar glitter but they are only about half the size of normal bar glitter and as bar of the mix I hardly even notice them so I don’t mind at all. I love this red and gold mix and I think it looks amazing over all the colours I tried, and definitely way more as well.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of the brand and I think Rainbow Honey Emerald Weapon and Rainbow Honey Hellfire, are both really pretty polishes and I am very much lusting over the rest of the Final Battle Collection.

Have you tried any Rainbow Honey before? Let me know what you think of these polishes!

Rainbow Honey polishes are available directly from and from Nail Polish Canada (free Canadian shipping!)

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