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Quo Holiday 2015: Quo Eye Focus

Quo Holiday 2015 Quo Eye Focus 7There are a ton of gorgeous, limited edition products available from Quo for this holiday season, but when I received samples of several of them the Quo Eye Focus* immediately caught my attention. This set includes a powder eyeshadow quad, a black eye liner, and two cream eyeshadows. I’d never tried cream shadows from Quo before, and they are one of my favourite makeup products, so I was excited to try out their version.

Quo Holiday 2015 Quo Eye Focus 5The Quo Eye Focus has the same pink red cardboard packaging as the rest of the Quo Holiday 2015 Collection. There’s a really beautiful gold design on the sleeve but that slides off and the palette itself is just a solid colour. Combined with the cardboard instead of plastic, it doesn’t feel or look as expensive as the Quo Holiday 2014 Collection (reviewed here). However, inside there’s a nice mirror as well as the four powder eyeshadows, and slots for the cream shadows and liner,  making the whole thing very travel-friendly.

Quo Holiday 2015 Quo Eye Focus 2I figured I would start off with the biggest disappointment, and there’s honestly nothing I like about the Quo Black Eye Liner besides the fact that it closes very firmly. The felt tip is very flimsy, and there doesn’t seem to be nearly enough ink inside. The result is very uneven and difficult to apply, and definitely not something you want to be trying to draw a cat eye with.

Quo Holiday 2015 Quo Eye FocusI was definitely most excited about the Quo Cream Eye Shadow from the Quo Eye Focus, because I think the pencil, twist up format is very convenient, and the brown and pink shimmery shades are great bases. However, the shadows almost need to be warmed up before use, as they are pretty hard which makes them difficult to apply directly to the eye. I know a super creamy product might not hold up to the pencil format as well, but I was a little disappointed with these.

Quo Holiday 2015 Quo Eye Focus 4What really impressed me from the Quo Eye Focus set were the shadows. Quo can be hit or miss with their eyeshadows, but all four shades in this quad are a definite hit. There’s a satin cream, a pale satin brown with a little shimmer, a very sparkly taupe, and black with pink sparkles. All the shades are creamy and extremely pigmented, and I think these are four great basic shades for a ton of neutral looks that you can amp up the shimmer by using the cream shadow underneath. I ended up liking the shadows so much I wish the quad separated from the rest of the packaging, since although it is nice for travel, it ends up being bulkier to store.

Quo Holiday 2015 Quo Eye Focus 3I used the Quo Eye Focus to create a shimmery neutral eye look perfect for every day, but also a great base if you want to add some more smokiness for a holiday party. I used a  cream shadow base, and applied the palest shade as a browbone highlight and inner corner, using the pale brown all over the lid, the sparkly taupe on the outer two thirds, and the darkest shade in the crease. I’m also wearing the ModelCo Dusk Till Dawn Lipstick from this month’s Birchbox.

Quo Holiday 2015 Quo Eye Focus 6I’m honestly undecided about the Quo Eye Focus set. I think the eyeshadows are great, and the cream shadows have potential, but I really wish the liner was better so I could fully recommend it. If the shadows are appealing to you could pick up the Quo Eye Focus and swap out the liner, or save your money for one of the more successful products in the Quo Holiday 2015 Collection. What do you think of this set?

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