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Quo by Orly Summer 2015 Collection & Quo Face Contour Palette in Light

Quo Summer 2015 Collection 2I’m usually lucky enough to bring you a few products from the seasonal Quo collections, and there’s a really cheerful one for summer as well as a corresponding Quo by Orly Summer 2015 Collection* that I have all four shades from. I just have one product from the Quo Summer 2015 Collection, which is the Quo Face Contour Palette in Light* but that’s enough to give you a taste of the gorgeous limited edition packaging.

Quo by Orly Summer 2015Quo by Orly Summer 2015 Collection includes four near-neon shades with some of the most opaque formulas I’ve ever tried for polishes that bright. Unlike Quo by Orly Summer 2014 which featured neons with sparkle, these shades are all creme finishes so there is nothing to distract from their eye-searing shades.

Quo by Orly Summer 2015 Adrenaline Quo by Orly Summer 2015 Adrenaline 2Quo by Orly Adrenaline is a green yellow and it took me 3 coats for opacity because it was the most sheer out of the shades. I think that a white base might make it easier, but I do prefer to use polishes on their own when possible, and with 2 thick coats this was basically opaque. I was surprised and impressed that the polish was also shiny despite how neon it is. Unfortunately, it was difficult to apply because the brush itself was ragged and uneven which is annoying for getting a crisp line, and I never bother with clean up afterwards.

Quo by Orly Summer 2015 Hype Quo by Orly Summer 2015 Hype 2Quo by Orly Hype is a bright pink that was basically opaque with one coat although I went with two. However, again, an even brush made application more difficult than it should have been for such a nice formula.

Quo by Orly Summer 2015 Jawbreaker Quo by Orly Summer 2015 Jawbreaker 2Quo by Orly Jawbreaker was such a bright neon orange it was pretty difficult to photograph, and it definitely makes me look more tan than I am! It was pretty much opaque with 2 coats, although a tiny bit uneven, it is still one of the better neons I have tried. I really love this shade, so I wish that the brush wasn’t such a mess.

Quo by Orly Summer 2015 Rush Quo by Orly Summer 2015 Rush 2Quo by Orly Rush is a bright purple, although it’s not quite bright enough to be neon, I’ll never say no to another purple polish. It was a little uneven with two coats, but I feel like I can blame the brush for that–see a theme. Great polish, crummy brush. I’m not sure if it’s because my polishes were press samples, but I’d take a look before you purchase because these Quo by Orly Summer 2015 shades are stunning, but not if it’s going to be a pain applying.

Quo Summer 2015 CollectionIn addition to the Quo by Orly Summer 2015 Collection, there’s a makeup collection by Quo that includes three eyeshadow palettes, two brushes, a bronzer and two contour palettes. I have the Quo Face Contour Palette in Light, which has the same stunning packaging as the rest of the compacts, a gorgeous watercolour design. Quo Summer 2015 Collection 3Unfortunately as pretty as the outside is, the product inside the Quo Face Contour Palette in Light didn’t really work for me. There’s a pink-leaning peachy highlight and a pale slightly warm-toned brown contour, both of which are matte. Although a matte contour is ideal, I do prefer some shimmer in my highlight (especially in the summer!) The powders themselves are silky but a bit hard, and I had a really hard time getting them to show up at all on my face. I wasn’t going to include the ‘after’ photo but I figured I might as well, although you can’t really tell I’ve applied any product at all.

Quo Summer 2015 Collection 4In addition to only working for very very fair skin (if at all) Quo Face Contour Palette in Light features a contour shade that is too warm to really sculpt out the hollows of your cheeks. It would be better as a bronzer, and to be honest, I feel like bronzers are much better for summer in general and contouring is much more of a winter trend to me.

Quo by Orly Summer 2015 2Although I didn’t enjoy the Quo Face Contour Palette in Light, the accompanying polish collection was quite stunning. There’s a great mix of bright shades in the Quo by Orly Summer 2015 Collection, and the only concern I have is if my bad brushes were a fluke or not. Given that I’d love Quo by Orly polishes I’ve tried before and not had any brush issues, I’ll still cautiously recommend them, but make sure you check before you purchase!

So…do you contour in the summer? I’m curious!


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