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Project Pan February 2014

Hmm… I’m not really sure how I want to go about doing these Project Pan updates, because the products I finish will be ending up in my “empties” posts, but I still want to check in and update you on my progress. However, if I have to take progress photos of all the items every single month, it means getting them altogether which means I won’t be as likely to use them since I’ll have to take them away from places I store things to use them. SO. Here’s a Project Pan February 2014 update, but that may take a slightly different form in the future.

First I’ll tell you which of the 39 products I had on my list I finished in the last month (hint: not enough):

Project Pan 3

14. Bath and Body Works Dark Kiss Bubble Bath— I really liked this, but I have a ton of bath products including loads of shower gel that can easily function as bubble bath, so no reason to lust over another bottle. I do find these nice and rich and creamy though and the scent is fantastic.

30. Compliments Nail Polish Remover Non-acetone— I hate this. I still have another container, and I thought when I bought them at least I’d like the container if not the contents, and to be honest, I don’t really see the point of these pump formats so that’s going in the trash as well.

39. Benefit They’re Real! Mascara— I actually started a second sample of this before I even finished this one, so I have that one as well. It’s hard for me to tell when these are done, but I’ve had it for a couple months and I feel like it’s drying out/not doing as good a job.

Three items… ugh. It’s not my empties were bad for the month, but by putting products on my list I couldn’t start using right away, for example because I was already using a scrub I needed to finish up, I did make my life harder. I also received PR samples I had to test out that distracted from continuous use. That said, I did work quite a bit and I have seen noticeable progress in some of the items– for example I finished up an entire shade (green) in my Revlon quad, and I notice more gone in my Avril Lavigne perfume, as well as my face powder. So there’s progress, it’s just slow.

Project Pan 1

To help with my project pan, one thing I’ve done is try to leave items in places where I might need/use them. For example, my EOS lip balm is permanently in my desk at work. Too bad I’ve been in another lab for the last two weeks instead! But it’s there, and hopefully I can make a bigger dent in it soon. I also have left my lip scrub near my sink, as I am not used to using lip scrubs regularly, but hopefully if it’s right there I’ll reach for it more often.

I want to work on everything, but I figured as a part of this post I would also share a few of the items I am hoping to finish up in the next month.

Project Pan 2

8. Ginger Sparkle Hand Cream*— this is such a wintery scent, I just really want to finish up before I’m lusting after spring ones instead. Plus my hands are dry and this is a small container so it should be easy to do if I keep it in my jacket pocket for regular use.

11. Julep Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting— I actually just started this, but these containers are smaller than I realized so I figure if I apply it every time I shower to my whole body it should easily finish up in a month. I’d love to finish the matching scrub at the same time, but scrubs are less overloaded in my collection than lotions, and I don’t use them every time I shower, so I’m less concerned.

29. Quo Nail Polish Remover— it turns out this isn’t non-acetone, just non-functioning. I force myself to use it nearly every time I take off my polish, so another month of use should finish it up. Then I have two more bottles of non-acetone remover… and a bottle of pure acetone, and a bottle of my favourite polish remover, and then that’s all my nail polish remover. Yes, I know that’s ridiculous.

I actually made decent progress on a few other things like my Julep Lauren polish, but it’s hard to know how feasible finishing those are, so I’ll leave it with these three for now. Because I’m crazy, I am planning to add more items to my list as I finish things, but I’m not sure when I’ll do that– maybe after 5 or 10 are done. I have another bag of stuff all planned out! Hopefully after next month I’ll have no bath stuff or polish remover on my list, so it’ll be easy to add more since I’m going to be using them anyway.

ALSO success in not purchasing a single item over the last month. Really proud of myself.

Are you doing a project pan? What do you think of monthly updates, or should I do these less frequently when I have a bit more information to share?

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