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Products I’ve Hit Pan On

Products I've Hit Pan

HAPPY 2016! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Eve. I am sure I continued my yearly tradition of doing nothing to celebrate but, I am actually heading off to Arizona this afternoon, so my excitement starts now. While a new year might signal a lot of yearly makeup favourite posts, I haven’t managed one of those yet. What I decided to do instead is share 5 Products I’ve Hit Pan On in 2015–because you know I’d have to love them for that to happen. I mean, I do have a lot of makeup.

Products I've Hit Pan Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Butter

While the Burt’s Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream* isn’t technically a makeup product, it snuck in here anyway because 5 sounds better than 4 when making lists. Plus, I do get a lot of use out of this when swatching a trillion nail polishes, so it’s definitely a beauty product. I first received this as a part of Burt’s Bees 2014 Gift Sets, and I have been using it regularly since. I actually misplaced it at one point, so I’ve almost hit pan on a second one as well. It’s a very thick balm with a great lemon scent that I only use before bed because it does leave a residue behind.  It will continue to get a lot of love this winter!

Products I've Hit Pan Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss

I’ve definitely had the Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss too long, but it smells and feels normal, so I always apply it with a clean finger at night, so it’s stayed. I really love the scent, and although it leaves a white cast, it is very moisturizing on the lips and works great as an overnight lip balm (see my 5 favourites here). There’s a ton of product, so it was exciting to finally hit pan and hopefully I can finish it up and toss it before it’s 3 year anniversary. Yeah. Stop judging.

Products I've Hit Pan Smith's Rosebud Salve

Yup, I have a second lip balm in the Products I’ve Hit Pan On, because really, what else do you expect me to be able to hit pan on besides lip balm? The Smith’s Rosebud Salve was sent to me by Kalyn, a former beauty blogger, who knew how much I loved the rose scent as a part of a birthday present in…2013 (shared here). Yup. I’ve had it awhile. I finally starting focusing on it more this year and I really love it, from the scent to the consistency to the glossy finish. It’s a great night-time balm, and honestly, when my Burt’s Bees all go missing I sometimes use this a little on my cuticles too and it really helps.

Products I've Hit Pan MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Cream Blush in #225

FINALLY, a makeup product I’ve hit pan on. It wasn’t easy, but I included the MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Cream Blush in #225* in my Finish 5 by Fall and focused on it enough I managed to find that elusive pan. If you compare this photo to the September finale (here), there’s even more pan, so I hope to finish it up in 2016! I love the natural finish and long wear of these blushes, and if I didn’t own 493204 more cream blushes I would definitely be tempted by more shades.

Products I've Hit Pan Essence Cream Highlighter in Light Up!

I’m honestly a little shocked I’ve hit pan on the essence Cream Highlighter in Light Up!*, but to be honest this limited edition highlight from essence has been the one I’ve reached for 90% of the year. In other words, any time I wasn’t wearing Champagne Pop. I still have a ton of product left but this is a really pretty iridescent pink highlight. I love how easy it is to apply cream products…with my fingers. I hope essence comes out with some permanent highlighters in the future.

Products I've Hit Pan 2

Of course, just loving a product doesn’t mean I’m going to hit pan on it either–there’s a reason these products are all creams instead of powders, but you can be certain that these are all products I have worn forever, and not tossed yet! It does feel good to see that pan though. Maybe in 2016 I’ll add a powder product to this very selective club! I better get started applying eyeshadow as a full body experience though…

Have you hit pan on anything lately (or ever?)

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